Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 47: What Ever Happened To Those Missing School Buses?

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 235 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 260
Game Date: 4/2/2015

The party spent some tense moments wandering around the duty-free shopping center in Refueling Station Iziz-1 near Onderon, worried that the Sith Inquisitor Tremayne was hot on their tails.

Because it’s always a good idea to do so, the party decided to split up. Javert went off to buy medical supplies. IG & Gungi headed to the cybernetics/droid area. Odds went to talk to the dude-bro selling “totally kickin” speeders, and Moss & Fenn headed to see Grandma Okra, an old Bothan woman who ran a soup shop, but was also an information gatherer for SpyNet.

Javert had the easiest time, experiencing no hassles getting med packs & whatnot.

Moss & Fenn learned that they don’t eat nearly enough, and that they should make sure to keep their strength up and eat plenty of healthy Bothan food. They also were able to get their ship pushed up in the refueling queue, and ensure that Grandma Okra would use her connections to prevent any delays in leaving. Also, she gave them lots of soup (in one of the soup containers was a baggie w/ a flash drive full of info for SpyNet).

IG went to the arm store, where there were 2 right arms available. As he was there with Gungi, who is missing a right arm, he eventually decided it’d be kind of a jerk thing to take them both for himself, and paid for Gungi to get one of them (even if it was slightly shorter than his wookiee arm). As this was getting attached, IG went next door to the droid shop to buy one of those little pit droids (from Ep 1).

Odds was able to successfully purchase a new speeder, with a sidecar, and have it delivered to the ship. However, he also saw Tremayne enter the facility, and began a cat-and-mouse game of following/dodging the dark Jedi.

While moving around the mall and trying to get the Apple Store to alert mall security on Tremayne, something weird happened outside.

The planet Mechis 3 rounded the sun (Onderon had been experiencing weird gravitational effects lately… due to the fact that there was suddenly another planet in-system) and an E-3PO droid cut into the broadcast feeds, demanding that all organics leave the galaxy and that all weapons be turned over to Master IG-88. Mechis 3 then launched the 10 missing schoolbus ships full of kids, and launched them into hyperspace at the Star Destroyer Interrogator, destroying it and the school ships.

Moss, weakened by the disturbance in the Force of so many deaths, was surprised when Tremayne recognized him and requisitioned his help in communicating with the rest of the Imperial ships, coordinating the losing battle against IG-88. Mechis 3 evenutally took out the rest of the defenses around the Jyrenne Weapons Depot, captured all the weapons, and eventually launched into hyperspace again.


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