Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 48: Dial M for Megalomaniac

"I need your help to make a call"

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 240 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 265
Game Date: 4/9/2015

With everyone still reeling from the IG-88/Mechis 3 attack on the Imperial weapons depot, the party was still at the refueling/mall station Iziz-1 in the Onderon sector. High Inquisitor Tremayne, who had done his best (with Moss supporting communications) to direct the Imperial defense, asked Moss for help making one last call. He went to a private room and handed Moss some coordinates & an Imperial code. Moss (of course) set the call to also broadcast to the Arkanis, where the rest of the party watched as well.

A hooded figure appeared on the holo-table, and Tremayne kneeled before his master, Emperor Palpatine(!). Fortunately for Moss (who was in-shot of Palpatine’s camera), the Emperor didn’t seem to notice him at first.

In the discussion between Tremayne & Palpatine, it was revealed that they’d put fake data in the weapons depot about the location of the new Death Star. They spoke of a hope that the growing zerg threat would take care of IG’s Mechis III planet, and then the Empire could wipe out what was left of the Zerg.

Palpatine got a strange look on his face, and then asked if Tremayne had been wavering at all in his convictions. He said that there was a strange silver presence in his aura, a white light that did not mix with the Dark Side energy. Neither seemed to realize that Palpatine was sensing Moss, but Tremayne said he would meditate on the matter.

Back at the ship, the party did their best to decide what to do next. While they debated, Coventry’s Nova-class star destroyer appeared in system, to “save the day” and show the power of the Empire. In reality it was likely also a PR stunt to show that Thrawn’s empire is better at responding than Palpatine’s, but that remains to be seen, since the details of that schism are not actually public knowledge yet.

The party messaged Coventry, who was busy giving a live news broadcast about how the Empire was there to take charge again. Afterwards, they spoke with him, gave him some information, warned him about Tremayne, and were surprised when he was not worried about the dark Jedi. He said that Grand Admiral Thrawn had given him the methods so that he would not need to worry about Tremayne. (out of game, he likely has ysalmiri, which Thrawn learned about in the Heir to Empire book). Coventry also offered a redefinition of roles to Fenn & Co, asking if they instead wanted military ranks. The next game will begin with the party deciding on what those ranks are.

Following the hyperspace routes to the Arkanis sector, the party was stopped when they received a message on Sheba’s encoded channel for Fenn. The message was from a horribly ill and radiation-scarred princess Leia, who had apparently been rescued by Sheba from the Imperial hospital on Correllia. Their life support was failing, though, and they were likely being pursued, so they didn’t have long. The session ended with Leia’s recorded last words: “Help me, Fenn Kithra, you’re my only hope.”


drakowulf joelastowski

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