Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 53: Strong Emotional Responses

Hello, my name is Fenn Kithra. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 265 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 290
Game Date: 6/11/2015

NOTE: Jean/Javert & Chris/Odds were not present for the game. We had their characters in the background doing misc tasks (occasionally with hilarious accents) while they were gone.

Hell of a game last night, boys, hell of a game.

We had left off with Moss getting knocked off his speeder in the jungle by a large lizard-like creature. It turns out this was Shwer-Chi, the force-sensitive Ssi-Ruuk the party last saw escaping from [[Ep 24: Olfactory Slips | their plan to sell him to Zebulon Chesterfield III.]]

But we began, instead, by reading the rumors, specifically the news footage of IG chopping off some old man’s cybernetic leg with a vibro-axe in Nibbelheim. We saw the media’s disgust at this, and also learned of a new super-stormtrooper program designed specifically to deal with droid-related threats: the Dark Troopers.

We then jumped over to Fenn, who was off (with Javert as a silent bodyguard) to meet with the region’s Black Sun leader, a Quorren named Hentai, in Pravoka. After some awkward dealings with underlings in the lower levels, they took a turbolift up to the top floor, where Hentai was just finishing his dinner of Mon Calamari meat that Fenn had provided for him.

The “discussion” didn’t last too long, mostly ending when Fenn found out that Hentai had been the one to order Fenn’s dad’s death when his father refused to fix a Mon Cal meal for him. Hentai was pleased that not all Bothans shared that “fool chef’s unfortunate affliction of morality.” This pretty much sealed what happened next for Fenn.

Blasters were drawn, a standoff ensued, and Fenn pulled a thermal detonator. After getting enough information about the finances of his rival, Koth Del Ra, and how those interacted with behind-the-scenes secret dealings on Mandalore that the Black Sun was facilitating, Fenn shot the glass, jumped on Javert’s jet-packing form, and tossed the thermal detonator into the office while they flew out dramatically. A catch phrase or two may have been uttered.

IG, meanwhile, had escaped the immediate attacks from the Hutt-controlled imperial forces in Nibbelheim, and was elsewhere in Pravoka, picking up spare parts that could be used to complete his cybernetic frankensteining. He also attempted to contact the other IG units via the low-frequency “IG channel” to hopefully track them, but had no luck. IG was interrupted in his shopping by several nearby explosions.

Out in the swamp, Moss and Shwer-Chi had a tense stand-off, made more tense by the arrival of Noi J’etat and Chon’Go, the two nohgri who had escaped with Shwer-Chi from Zebulon’s fortress on Siskeen. They kept referring to Shwer-Chi as a “Vader Mind”, but also said that Moss smelt of “a Lady Vader”. Shwer-Chi kept referring to how he could smell Moss without smelling him, which Moss eventually understood to mean that there was some kind of Force sensing going on. Moss’s understanding of Shwer-Chi’s Force usage was different, though… unlike the light/dark dichotomy he was used to, and more of a primal, instinctive usage, as an extension of the lizard’s innate impulses.

Moss also revealed to the nohgri that Lord Vader had died in front of him, and explained the fake situation so that all made more sense. While it was determined that Moss had nothing to do with the plan to sell Shwer-Chi to the wealthy tycoon, the trio were still uncertain about the rest of the party, and agreed to go with Moss back to the ship to make further determinations.

With a cutaway in space, a new vessel appeared in orbit (which URL tracked). It had a long & slender appearance, with odd semi-cylindrical pods attached. It identified as the factory ship “Arc Hammer”. On the deck of the Arc Hammer, a communications officer finished speaking with a Nikto on the screen. The officer then walked up to the Captain, who gave the order to fire at the coordinates they’d just received. Three blasts from the ship sent three heavily-armored payloads into the city of Pravoka, and three Dark Troopers emerged, ready to hunt the IG threat.



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