Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 54: Dark Troopers

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 270 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 295
Game Date: 7/2/2015

After a recap of the previous game (which some folks missed), the party headed back for the ship, in a race against some strange new enemies sent by the Empire.

The party, scattered in different parts of the Atzerri city of Pravoka, bobbed & wove through the city as they tried to dodge the new Dark Troopers and still get back to the ship. Unfortunately, it appeared that the troopers knew exactly where they were going, and tracked the ship easily.

After a lot of cat-and-mouse, a massive firefight broke out around the ship. On Dark Trooper was disabled by concussion missiles from the Denial of Service, and another had its rocket launcher disabled… but that didn’t stop it from running onto the open cargo ramp.

We ended the session with one dark trooper on the ship, another quickly racing to join him, and the ship about to take off.


drakowulf joelastowski

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