Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep2: Heroes of the Empire!

Sometimes doing right makes you feel wrong.

GAME DATE: Thursday, 2/27/14

The session opened on the Star Destroyer Zealot, with the party being celebrated as heroes for saving the Regional Governor from an assassination plot.

However, the party had little time to bask in their fame, as there were other things afoot!

Gov Coventry received word from Grand Moff Tarkin that Rodia should have any biological research facilities blasted from orbit. Despite Fenn/Mike’s suggestions otherwise, Coventry ordered that two other star destroyers in the region (the Unerring and the Obedience) be dispatched to attack the planet.

IG-74/Elrych was busy with Moss/Bryan, trying to arrange to delete the footage of IG using his hidden arm blaster in the Governor’s rescue. IG did some distracting by trying to play a 3 stringed guitar (which he later stole), while Moss found a maintenance closet that had terminal access. Moss was successful not only in deleting the footage, but in making it look like the footage was deleted due to an environmental system override, so he left no obvious trace of his presence.

While in the Star Destroyer’s systems, though, he found a “quarantined” file that had apparently been pulled off of a data net and marked as “dangerous”. Moss made a copy of that file, and eventually watched Satellite 5 Footage, which appeared to be a few seconds of video from a weather satellite on Aldaraan, showing a beam of light from the sky destroying the planet. Moss took this to Fenn, who arranged to make as much money as possible off of the tragedy, investing in rival companies to Aldaraanian ones and sending word to his family to do the same.

A certain Twi’Lek, Bib Fortuna, invited the party to a meeting in a storage room elsewhere in the ship, where he mentioned that his master (Jabba) had heard the party was good at transporting creatures. They had an associate, Malakili, who needed transport to the planet Kowak to retrieve the contents of a ship that had crashed there some 30 years ago. According to Malakili’s data, there were young creatures in cryo-sleep crates, and as long as one of the many crates was unharmed, the creature should still be viable. The initial offer was XXXXX credits, plus a bonus if the work was done well. The party tried negotiating for more, and a booming laughter was heard in the shadowy back area of the room. In Hutteese, it said “If I am pleased with your work, then your bonus will not be measurable with numbers.” The party ended up agreeing.

The female captain of Gov Coventry’s ship, Captain Tower, met with Fenn to discuss the details of his potential new position working for the Governor. She offered one of two options regarding ships: 1) upgrades to their current ship or 2) a second ship (The Imperial Stout), which, while larger & more armored than their current ship, had no weapons on it. The party chose the second ship, and it was agreed that Fenn would be transferred a fee of 1000 credits for each planet he visited & reported on, with bonuses for any information on “terrorist activity” going on at each site. The party members were also each issued IPKC (Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate) cards, which would grant them access to Imperial-held worlds and the ability to purchase many Imperial products at a lower rate.

The party got into their two ships, and headed off on their 18-hour voyage to Kowak. Along the way, some party members chatted with Malakili (who came along to ensure the creature’s safety), learning that the creature they were retrieving was a young reptile/mammal hybrid known as a Rancor. IG-74 shut down for part of the trip, running defrag or whatever else droids do to reset their systems.

As the two ships arrived in Kowakian orbit, they were greeted by the Imperial science base on the planet. The learned that the native Kowakian lizard-monkeys made scans from the base unreliable, and did their own orbital scans of the equator region of the planet (where the ship was supposed to have crashed). They found the likely hull of the ship some miles from the Imperial base.

However, they also found something else… coded signals coming from farther north on the planet. Some quick decoding revealed that they were sending ship and armament numbers to something called “Hoth Base”, and that this was likely a Rebel base hiding somewhere in the planet’s vast jungles.


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