Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep4: I've Got Jungle Fever...

Game Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014
[still working on this]

NOTE: Jay/Mef was not present for this game (said he had to be “that guy”).

When Last We Left Our Heroes… They were securing the services of Kowak Base’s two mechanic/techs to help them with repulsorlift activities related to hunting, provided they showed Lt. Muldoon the body of whatever they caught so he could go after it as well.

Fenn mostly sounded like he agreed to the Lieutenant’s request while talking around it, though he’ll likely not honor it (but he Bluffed well enough that the Lt. probably believed him). The party took the two techs (the Barabel NAME and the Trandoshan NAME), and also Malakili, with them on the Imperial Stout, which they flew out to the site of the crash.

It should be noted that Moss/Bryan, the slicer, had by this point come to some interesting discoveries. The coded transmissions were being sent from a Rebel base known as “Waterhole” on the other side of the planet. Also, it appears that many of the trees have leaves with a low magnetic resonance (leeching metals up through the soil), which makes communications & sensors on-planet less accurate.

The party flew out to the crashed ship site, landing where they had previously parked the repulsor-trucks. They then began the long process of hauling gear across the 50 meters of rough, pitted ground to the wreckage. While all this went on, though, the sensors on the ship picked up a spike in radiation. The party looked up to see a radioactive adult rancor glow as it roared and lifted its head above the treeline. It then attacked the party.

Things got pretty hairy after that. Some folks tried to hide in the wrecked ship, though the rancor ripped off a good chunk of that. Meff took off in the Stout, with the Doctor just barely getting onboard as well. Malakili went deep into the wreckage. And things most definitely did NOT look good for our heroes.

Then, in a fit of desperation, Meff lowered the (weaponless) Stout to an angle where its afterburners (normally only used for space flight) would be pointed at the rancor… and fired them up. The Stout went shooting off a great distance away, but the rancor was pushed back, set on fire, and knocked down in the forest some ways away.

The heroes appeared to have won… until Malakili came out with the awakened baby rancor clinging to him, and the baby let out a cry, which caused the adult to perk up, stand up, and come back towards the party again, with a vengeance. (yet another dramatic cliffhanger!)


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