Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep3: Rancor and File

Game Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014

NOTE: Moss/Bryan was not present for this game.

When Last We Left Our Heroes… They had taken a job from the Hutt Jabba to take his animal expert, Malakili, to the site of a crashed transport vessel somewhere on the jungle planet of Kowak, which might contain rare creatures in cryogenic stasis. Using his status as an Imperial Good Will Ambassador, Fenn/Mike convinced the biological research station (the only known civilization on the planet) that he had good reason to be there.

The party, having arrived in Kowak orbit, picked up some strange signals, using a strange encryption algorithm. After doing a quick orbital scan of the planet and finding the likely location of the crashed ship they were sent to find, the party landed their two ships at the Imperial Research Facility on Kowak.

[We said that Moss stayed on the ship to try & decipher the strange coded messages]

After meeting some fairly typical scientists, including one who was doing potentially less-than-ethical experiments on the native monkey-lizard population of the planet, some of the party members met up with Lieutenant Muldoon, a hunter who carries a slug-throwing sniper rifle & wears camo-painted scout trooper armor, and the head of an Imperial military presence of about 10 storm troopers.

The party arranged to requisition 2 hover sleds (about pickup truck sized) to go out into the woods, after having convinced Muldoon that they were there to do some hunting.

Driving out to the site, they found the crashed Dathomiri ship, though the crash and about 30 years of jungle existence had taken its toll. There they saw that there was about 50 yards of pitted, uneven ground between the nearest clearing and the ship. Further investigation showed that some of that ground contained large reptilian footprints.

Inside the ship, the party found several destroyed cryo-units, and two working ones. The smaller one contained a small, bubble-like egg, with the letters “AMIR” still visible on the box. The larger one, about 3m cubed, was their goal. However, they did not have the equipment to remove the larger box. Taking the smaller box with them, they returned to the Imperial base.

Back at the base, IG-74 removed the egg (about volley-ball sized) from the box, to make it easier to sneak it onto the ship without Imperial eyes seeing it. The rest of the party set about enacting a plan to get some help moving the larger box.

They told Lt. Muldoon that they needed to borrow his two mechanics, N’Dreemo (Trandoshan) and Kar-Ma (Barabel), to help them move a large carcass from a big game hunting expedition they’d be doing the next day. After some consideration, Muldoon agreed, on the condition that the party let him see the corpse, so he himself could hunt one in the future.


As as side note, Fenn wants to have a party member well-versed in interpreting manifests look over what we have. We’ve been relying on the word of a Hutt employee. I think we need more confirmation than that before we touch down.

Ep3: Rancor and File
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