Assassin Droid Gadgeteer


IG-74 was created in the same lab as the infamous IG-88. He was sold to a human scientist on Bespin, where he served his master Zansatsu Leoet for about 15 years. His missions generally consisted of scouting operations to other scientist’s labs to learn what new discoveries they had made. On many accounts IG-74 was sent back to the labs of scientist’s who had made discoveries that his master deemed valuable. On these second trips he was to kill the other scientists and steal their plans.

However, these deeds did not go totally unnoticed, and a secret bounty was placed upon IG-74’s master. After completing a mission, IG-74 returned to the lab on Bespin where he discovered his master murdered in warm blood. IG-74’s first instinct was to find the killer and dispose of him.

Mere minutes after leaving the main lab through an alternate exit, the roar of an unknown ship’s engines could be heard. IG-74 sprinted through the halls to the docking bay that was believed to be secret. When he reached the docking bay, he was just barely able to catch a glimpse of the ships pilot, a Trandoshan with a large scar running down his face through his right eye.

IG-74 immediately shot three well-placed shots into the engines of the YT-2400 light freighter, critically damaging them, however, not bringing the ship down. Although the ship was not going to get off the planet in it’s condition, IG-74 searched Bespin for months for the unidentified ship but came up nearly empty handed. All that he learned was that the ship was seen landing and later taking off from a repair bay a few weeks earlier. When IG-74 went to investigate, he discovered all the records wiped, and the workers slaughtered. IG-74 swore to avenge his master, who had never done anything but treat him as an equal, as no other flesh creatures did. In fact, many of his missions to other labs were in an attempt to find new upgrades for IG-74, including an upgrade to his weapon activation routines and optical sensors that not only made them as efficient as the IG-88 assassin droids, but actually even better.

IG-74’s sentience was no mistake. In fact, his master intended it despite the danger. He trusted IG-74 completely. When IG-74 needed to expand his search for the killer, he turned to bounty hunting. He decided it was an effective way to gain information and credits, especially for one with his skill set.
IG-74 has recently gained a hatred for Rancors due to the loss of his new friend, Doctor Croaker, and is untrusting of Rebels in combat, due to Wedge’s carelessness.
IG-74 has been experiencing a few glitches since he started travelling with Fenn and company, including the fact that he is no longer able to go without claiming trophies from those that he has slain, also when in the presence of rebels he will need to try his best to refrain from attempting to slaughter them and report to the Empire, 74 also feels some memories are missing, though he has paid it no mind yet, and the final glitch is something 74 is willing to do almost anything to be rid of, the irresistible need to say yee-ha when excited.

An extreme dislike and distrust of all flesh creatures is to be expected of a sentient assassin droid. However IG-74’s hatred of all Trandoshans has caused him to often attack and kill any he sees without warning. This, of course, has kept him from being a member of the bounty hunters guild, which is actually run by a Trandoshan. Only through absolute necessity will IG-74 ever work with a Trandoshan, and often times he will interrogate and later brutally kill them once they cease to be of use to him.

IG-74 dislikes the idea of cloning due to the fact that it will cause there to be more flesh creatures running around. IG-74 hates the empire due to their ‘dismantle on sight’ order for assassin droids. IG-74 has all the rights he needs. Any who stand in his way will regret it, if they survive. IG-74 has no opinion on pod racing or inter-species sex. IG-74’s recent experience with restraining bolts has made him more interested in Droid Rights.

IG-74 gained a strange love of gathering unique articles of clothing. The only reason that anyone could assume for this would be that he was taking trophies from his victims. However, no one ever dares question him, especially not those who have fancy clothes

IG-74 is completely obsessed with gaining new ways of slaughtering all who dare oppose him, whether they be new upgrades to his body and software, or of course obtaining new forms of weaponry to cut down his foes. 74’s extreme bloodlust has often caused him to act unrationally and recklessly, disregarding the safety of his comrades and even himself. This carelessness has caused his teammates to grow somewhat untrusting of him, except in battle or when brute force, violence, or the
ability to strike fear in others is especially useful.

IG-74 has one friend, Kordak Silver-Tongue, a Bothan scientist who was close to IG-74’s master and had personally helped with much of IG-74’s upgrades and, when needed, his repairs. He tends to voice his opinions no matter how absurd or unwanted they are, hence the nickname “Silver-Tongue”


The unknown Trandoshan bounty hunter, flies a YT-2400 Light Freighter, has a large scar across his right eye and MAY be a member of the bounty hunters guild.

A human scientist who’s first name is Naede (Nay-eed) and who’s last name is unknown. He disappeared two days before IG-74’s master was killed and there were known hostilities between the two. However, these hostilities made assassination difficult due to suspicions that would arise and extremely advanced security systems, all of which he had designed as it was the primary part of his research.


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