Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 45: Choices

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 225 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 250
Game Date: 3/19/2015

Taking the “Denial Of Service” (after making a deal to make URL famous), the party debated where to go and eventually set about trying to track the NK-Necrosis in their stolen ship.

They discussed the likely destinations of the rogue droids, and possible paths they might take to follow the Arkanis. After ruling out going through Hutt Space, swinging back past Bothawui, taking a dangerous direct route, and ignoring the droids to go to Kalee on the other side of the galaxy, the party decided to follow the droids basically jump-for-jump.

The party also tried contacting SpyNet while in Hyperspace, but the contact that they got was unable to follow Moss’s special tracking technique. Still, at least someone in SpyNet is aware of what’s happening.

In addition, Fenn was able to contact Shiva, who was in a nurse’s outfit on Correllia. After determining that Correllia has a top-notch radiation treatment facility, the party guessed that perhaps she was there related to Princess Leia, who was horribly injured & captured by the Empire at Yavin.

Coming out of hyperspace near Onderon, the party saw that the star destroyer “Interrogator” was in system. They also realized that High Inquisitor Tremayne could probably sense Moss & Gungi on-board, and that was somewhat confirmed when TIE fighters started flying towards the ship, with a message from the Empire that they had been selected for a “random inspection”.

We will start the next session with a space battle.

EP 44: Hidden Threats

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 220 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 245
Game Date: 3/12/2015

We began with the party landing at the secret Rebel/Wookiee base on a peninsula a couple miles away from Imperial Base Beta on Kashyyyk.

EP 43: Aftermaths
Don't make the mistakes I did...

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 215 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 240
Game Date: 3/5/2015

NOTE: The Ducharmes (Javert & Odds) were not present for this game, so we decided that Odds’ body went into shock from his massive, face-losing injuries, and that Javert spent the session using field medicine techniques to try & keep him stable.

We also discussed some rules that we haven’t been using fully, like suffering strain if you end up with net Disadvantages on a check, and using Destiny Points to create plot-driving minor “facts” about the story.

We began just prior to the ship taking off. A golden glint on the ground showed C-3PO waddling towards the Arkanis. IG ran out to grab him & bring him back into the ship, then de-activated him & shoved him in a closet.

Meanwhile, Moss had locked himself in his room, with a recurring/recursive virus that perpetually caused multiple ship systems to prevent the door from being opened. Inside, he was meditating, trying to shut out the pain of having felt Han and (especially) Mara just get killed. He was contacted by a distant Force sensitive mind who had been in a similar situation, and had made a choice she thought was a mistake. She counseled Moss not to make the same mistake, and then offered him large amounts of money to offer the party in exchange for rescuing Gungi from the harm that Moss foresaw.

Fenn finally got Moss to open the door, and they talked… like really talked… about where they were going, what was happening to the galaxy, and what role they thought the group should play. The bombardment went off (after they were out of the area), and Fenn talked about how that was a key factor in his wanting to get out of the area quickly.

Flying up to orbit, they saw that Thrawn’s forces were engaged in a massive space battle against several Imperial star destroyers that had remained loyal to the Emperor. Their disjointed nature worked both for and against them, as it stopped Thrawn from predicting moves of a central command, but also prevented them from acting in concert against Thrawn’s fleet. Most of the slaver vessels had also departed, due to the combat.

Fenn decided to take Moss up on the offer of money, and they realized that prior to his death, Han had sent over coordinates for the area where he knew the other wookiee colony to be. Flying down, they realized that it was outside the forest, possibly underwater in a large lake/ocean thing a few miles from Imperial Base Beta. However, it also appeared that with the bombardment on the central forest, most of the Imperial forces had moved to Alpha Base on the other side of the forest, leaving only a skeleton crew at Beta Base.

Some quick Fenn-isms and a hack of a popular online game by Moss allowed the party to bamboozle the Imperial personnel on the comms at Beta Base, and they moved down to the coordinates they had, though all sensors & visual scans showed it to be just open water. Once they got down low enough, the holographic & sensor-hacking field gave way, and they saw that it was a clever ruse, hiding a whole peninsula where a group of about 6 small/mid-sized Mon Cal cruisers (which had likely come closer via underwater travel) were on the ground.

Suddenly, the sensors started going crazy, as they detected multiple shots being fired from the cruisers at the Arkanis! However, there was no visual confirmation of these shots, and the party wondered if perhaps there were stealth fields up on the weapons. The “shots” hit the “ship” on the sensors, creating a big digital explosion on the screen, which faded into the image of a laughing wookiee with a cybernetic implant on half his face… a wookiee the party had med: URL.

We ended with the Arkanis flying in to land at this Rebel/Wookiee base.

Ep 42: The Watcher in the Woods

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 210 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 235
Game Date: 2/26/2015

Fleeing Dr. Kinesworthy’s facility in a lower level on Kashyyyk (where the Emperor’s new “Hand” & its forces were rampaging), the party flew off in the Millennium Falcon towards their ship, where they believed Mara Jade & Suul were waiting for them. Odds was nursing a massive face wound, while IG was slowly trying to reset systems damaged in the fight with the NK-Necrosis and its forces. A still-hungover Han Solo was piloting as best he could, though being Corellian, he almost seems to fly a little better while there’s some alcohol in his system.

There was a bit of shooting & dodging assassin droids, but the party escaped. Making their way back to their ship, the Arkanis, Mara Jade met them outside to say that Suul had run off into the woods to draw the attention of awful dark shadow beings of pure evil. Having fought one of these Force Wraiths in the cave on Dagobah, the party was not eager to fight multiple Wraiths.

Fenn also sent a coded message to Thrawn, conveying that he should orbitally bombard the area that had Kinesworthy’s lab (and the Necrosis forces) within it. That bombardment (in an unknown radius) was a constant thread over what happened next, though the actual strike has not yet happened.

However, the discussion of who would take what ship & where they were going next became a bit heated. Han had info about another group of Wookieees that he wanted to go help, & sent those coordinates to the Arkanis so that they could take both their ships there. Fenn wanted to get off planet, away from all the chaos on Kashyyyk. However, when Moss used the Force to look into the likely futures of what would happen if he left, he saw the Dark Side Prophetess Merili beheading Minister Gungi (with Dash Rendar’s ship in the background). He realized that Gungi had probably gotten impatient & hired Rendar to fly him to Kashyyyk, which meant that Moss wanted to stay.

Moss & Mara ended up on the Arkanis, with IG still rebooting there as well. Meanwhile, Javert & Odds went to “talk to” Solo, trying to get him out of the Falcon’s cockpit & down on the ground (where Fenn planned to have him taken so that they could steal the Falcon. Han sensed something was up, & refused to leave the cockpit, causing Odds to reach for him, which made Han shoot (first), knocking Odds out. Javert quickly stunned Han into unconsciousness. However, as soon as Odds recovered, he pulled a blaster & shot the unconscious Han in the back of the head, killing him.

As the party left the ship to return to the Arkanis, Moss heard/felt that Solo had just been murdered, and set the ramp to close and asked Mara Jade to side with him. Odds used his remote access switch for the ship to drop the ramp, and Mara ignited her lightsaber to prevent any of the rest of the party from getting on-board.

Unfortunately for Ms. Jade, IG had rebooted by this point (Elrych decided to show up & play), and was cloaked & sneaking up on her from behind. Fenn gave the kill order, and IG split Mara Jade in half with point-blank repeater-blaster fire.

Moss, unable to handle the feelings of two murders so close to him (on of a force-user), and also not comprehending how his so-called friends could have become so evil, locked himself in a room on the Arkanis, setting a recursive virus to prevent anyone else from breaking in.

In the distance, unseen by the party, watching the whole thing from a dark shadow of the woods, was the Dark Prophetess Merili, who smiled as she felt the darkness rising in so many party members, licking her lips at the fear Moss was exuding. Her dark eyes burned with madness as she let the madness of the Dark Side help her to decide what to do next with these precious little playthings.

Ep 41: And Light Years to Go Before I Sleep

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 205 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 230
Game Date: 2/12/2015
NOTE: Moss/Bri was not present for this game. We decided Moss “had a bad feeling” and decided to stay in the ship.

Fenn & IG were down in the lair of Dr. Kinesworthy, who had taken the robotic body of General Grievous, installed a Phlut-droid brain (like the IG models have), and created the NK-Necrosis, which he claimed was the galaxy’s ultimate killing machine. Activating his long-range communication equipment (which burst a large satellite dish through the 2nd level of the forest, giving Javert & Odds access to the base), Kinesworthy began a long-range transmission while the party casually observed the Necrosis & the two IG-100 Magna-Guards that were with it.

The others joined Fenn & IG in the main room (after almost setting off security counter-measures) and Kinesworthy’s transmission went through, revealing a holographic image of Emperor Palpatine himself. Kinesworthy told the Emperor that his new “Hand” was complete, while Fenn & the others tried to stay out of view of the Emperor. The Necrosis was invited to speak to the Emperor, and the Emperor ordered it to kill all organic life forms present as its first act as his Hand.

A hectic and awful combat ensued, and the party was on the rocks… until Han Solo came rushing in, his blaster rifle blaring, to give the party enough cover to escape. We ended the session with the party jumping on the Millennium Falcon and racing away from the base, through the Wroshyr Trees of the Kashyyyk forests.

Ep 40: But I, I have promises to keep

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 200 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 225
Game Date: 2/5/2015

NOTE: Jean/Javert & Chris/Odds were not present for this game. We decided that Javert got knocked off-course on his jet pack, and that Odds took a speeder to go find him.

The game began in the Millennium Falcon, hidden on the 2nd level down of the Kilometer deep/high Wroshyr Forest biomass. After deciding that they could NOT help the “People of the Trees” against the Imperial assault, the party flew off into the dark 2nd layer, where giant tree trunks sometimes moved, as separate organisms within the biomass. While flying, they detected a weird metallic resonance, and IG sensed some signals on the subspace frequency that the other IG models use for inter-model communication.

After some scouting around, the party realized that this was coming from yet another level down, but that the only semi-entrance was being sat upon by a HUGE spider-like creature that was eating small (and by “small”, I mean pony-sized) aphid things. The party, realizing the creature was about the size of the Falcon, decided instead to shoot at the aphid-things, driving them away, which caused the spider thing to follow them, opening up the hole.

Going still deeper into the forest biomass, the party found a small landing port next to an Imperial structure that looked to be made from the hulls of various ships. Standing guard were two hunter assassin droids, who hailed the party, demanding that they identify themselves (while arming shoulder-mounted missiles). Fenn tried Fenning at them, but the murder droids cared not for his status or convincing words.

Instead, they landed and had a drawn out negotiation/discussion with another droid who came from the facility: IG-72. Eventually they were invited in to speak with Doctor Kinesworthy, though it was clear that they were not “trusted allies” in this meeting.

Inside, Doctor Nikolai Kinesworthy was surprised that the party found him, but eager to show off his ultimate creation: the NK-Necrosis. He had taken a Phlut brain (like the IG models possessed) and installed it in a revamped General Grievous’ body, creating the ultimate killing machine. As the two IG-100 Magna-Guards on either side of it activated force pikes, the Necrosis came to life and ignited a double-bladed red lightsaber.

And that’s where we left things.

Ep 39: These Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 195 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 220
Game Date: 1/29/2015

The party began on Kashyyyk, on the top level of the forest of mile-high Wroshyr trees, just reaching the edge of the clearing which held the living tree fortress of the pacifist “People of the Trees”. IG was cloaked but the rest walked forward on foot towards the seemingly undefended structure. Perhaps 20 feet from the door, their weight caused vines to reach up and grab some of their ankles. At the same time, many wookiees (who’d been completely camouflaged against the outside of the fortress) stepped forward to confront the party.

While IG remained cloaked, the rest of the party tried to convince the wookiees that they were friends of Han Solo. Odds was translating from Shri-wook to Basic (and vice versa), which enabled some level of communication. They were told that they would have to pass “the test of metal” before they would be allowed in. One wookiee ran off to bring “the test”.

Eventually a short, fragile looking wookiee in a heavy hooded robe slowly walked out towards the party. As it looked up at them, its eyes glowed golden, and it said “I say. Yes, I do believe those are associates of master Solo. Thank the maker!” in an all-too-familiar protocol droid voice.

The party went in to find Han, though 3-P0 said that he was not very communicative. They found a passed-out-drunk Han with a drink in hand, being cared for by a large wookiee woman (who turned out to be Molotobuck, the wife of the late Chewbacca). After rousing Han, they realized that he was in a deep depression about the suicide bombing death of his friend Chewie, who was avenging the assassination of his own son, Lumpawaroo.

After some heated discussion with Molotobuck and some stim pack application to Han to make him semi-mobile, Molotobuck told the party that they’d need to get the permission of the great tree elder wise woman, [INSERT NAME].

The party went to see the elder, who was meditating near the heart of the tree itself, surrounded by vines and other plant matter that she seemed to be communicating with (not unlike in that movie Avatar). After some discussion, they gained enough of her trust to take Han with them, though it involved revealing the fact that they’d snuck an assassin droid in with them.

The Elder was (thankfully) unfazed, and she eventually gave her permission to take Solo.

However, as the party was on their way out, there was a great explosion from the opposite side of the clearing, where they saw 5 Imperial hover-tanks and about 100 storm troopers rushing in, guns blazing. The party had to think fast, and they decided to escape with Solo, though they were not sure they’d make it the long way back to their ship (where the now inactive character Suul and NPC Mara Jade were). Fortunately, the very drunk Solo was able to shift Odds’ speeder over to an opening to the next level down, where Solo had hidden the Millennium Falcon.

The game ended with the party taking refuge in the Falcon, trying to decide what to do next.

Ep 38: In the Forests of the Night

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 190 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 215
Game Date: 1/22/2015

Note: Jay/Suul was not present for this game. He may be calling it quits on the game… we’re not sure at this point. We’ll just assume that Suul is in a constant training/kata sequence with 80s music playing in the background somewhere on the ship until we hear otherwise.

The game began aboard the Chimaera, where the party departed Grand Admiral Thrawn’s company and headed to their ship.

There, they had a very special heart-to-heart about where they were going as a group, what their thoughts were on the Empire & other forces in the galaxy, and who they might end up supporting. Fenn admitted that he often wasn’t 100% sure, and sometimes wavered one way or another. IG may have mentioned that he supported the MurderDeathKill Political Party… I don’t remember exactly.

Their discussion was interrupted by a message from Talon Kardde’s contact on the ground, who sent the party coordinates & told them to be there soon. Flying down to planet, the party realized they’d have to fly BELOW the first layer of the tree canopy. The party had to deal with some over-sized bat-like creatures that tried to attack the ship, and eventually landed in the middle of nowhere, where a red-haired human dropped onto the outside of the cockpit glass.

This was Mara Jade, who eventually came inside to talk with the party. She explained that the Imperial General in charge of ground forces, General Edmund Duke, had two main bases, and that he used a floating platform command to move between them and organize attacks. She also explained that an insane woman calling herself the Prophetess Merili was using dark beings of shadow (like the one the party faced in the cave on Dagobah) to terrorize the wookiees and shew them out into the open, where Duke’s men could capture or kill them. However, she explained that Duke did not like the Prophetess, even though, as a personal aide to the Emperor, she technically outranked him.

Mara also told the party about the “People of the Trees”, a reclusive band of pacifist wookiees with whom Han Solo had taken refuge, and the roving bands of terrorist wookiees known as “Bacca Haram”, whose name meant “Sainted Followers of the Hero Bacca”, who were pretty much the polar opposite of the Tree People.

When asked about Doctor Kinesworthy, Jade said that he had a facility in mountains some distance from their current forest, but that he also had a liaisson, a Dr Lorn, who handled most of Kinesworthy’s interactions with the Empire. She also said that Lorn had recently returned from a trip off-planet, though there was not any available data in Imperial records about what cargo he had with him.

The party got on their speeders & jetpacks and headed towards the fortress of the People of the Trees. We ended the session with the party just looking out into the clearing upon the hidden city of living wood.

Ep 37: The Blue and the Grey

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 185 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 210
Game Date: 1/8/2015

First game of the year started off with the party on-board the Wild Kardde, flagship of Talon Kardde’s group, in the space around Kashyyyk. They had desert, discussed the recent news about Dash Rendar blitzing the Imperial forces, and also discussed the potential for future business ventures. Moss/Bri shared a tidbit of the data the party had about the Death Star, which Kardde’s slicer, a Sulustan named Mitnick, verified (and was fascinated by). The party departed on good terms, and headed around the far side of Kashyyyk towards Thrawn’s fleet.

The party, however, was NOT directed to the Chimaera, which was holding position above the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Instead, they were directed to a different star destroyer, the Doppelgangar, and were met by Imperial soldiers who would not listen to their complaints that they were on the wrong ship. The party was escorted to the bridge, where they went to a side-room and met Captain Pellaeon. He basically screened the party, even while Suul & IG were noticing the cloaked soldiers hidden about the room.

[working on this]

Ep 36: An Old Wookiee Proverb

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 180 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 205
Game Date: 12/18/2014

Leaving Dagobah, the party was immediately beset with news stories & rumors as they re-entered galactic wi-fi. They learned that Mandalore had been pacified by the Emperor himself, that Jackson Coventry may not be long in the Governor role of the Arkanis sector, and that Imperial Employees could not use personal/sick days to celebrate Life Day. Now that the slicer Moss is back in the group, they also got a number of underworld rumors, of a much higher quality than they were used to. They learned that the attack on the Executor’s bridge had been a revenge mission using a hijacked ship in a suicide mission, and that it might have been Chewbacca who lead the mission. They learned that Thrawn may have aided in the assault that killed Chewbacca’s son, even though Adm. Oddek took all the credit (and revenge). They got their first images of the Zerg forces floating around Geonosis, perhaps signalling a larger threat than even the Empire is prepared for. They also learned that references to IG-88 have been getting deleted from the web, though who was doing that remained to be seen.

There was the usual bits of discussion on the trip to Kashyyyk, and the party decided to go straight to Kashyyyk and NOT pick up Jedi Gungi in Bothan space (as they had told him they would). Eventually Fenn was able to make contact with Thrawn’s forces, to let them know the ambassador was coming. The group was given some coordinates and directed to come in on the far side of the planet, away from both the main Imperial force and Thrawn’s fleet, amidst a large group of slaver ships picking up wookieees from the Space Station above the planet. They were then to circle around the far end of the planet to rendezvous with Thrawn’s forces.

After some more discussion, it was realized that this was probably done because Thrawn may not yet control all of the Imperial presence in the skies above Kashyyyk.

Entering the system, Moss started scanning comm chatter, and noticed that one group of ships was never actually going in to get slaves, but just sort of hiding in the crowd. After contacting them, they eventually learned that this ship was the Wild Karrde, and it’s owner, the crime lord Talon Karrde, invited the party to join him for dinner.

Karrde, a smooth operating pirate with dangerous lizards that appeared to be sensitive to Moss’s Force powers, treated the party to a lavish meal, in which they discussed the several mutually beneficial arrangements they might make with one another. Karrde confirmed that the rumors about Chewbacca’s death were true, and that he had an agent on the ground on Kashyyyk who said that while the fighting between the Wookiees & the Empire was bad, there was some sort of priestess going by the name Merili, sent there by the Emperor himself, who was making things much worse.

The party also shared some of their adventures with Karrde, passing on some information as part of this “friendly trade of data.”

We ended the session during dessert, still on Karrde’s ship, with the party getting ready to head around the planet towards Thrawn’s fleet.


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