Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 35: The Things He Carried

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 175 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 200
Game Date: Dec 11, 2014

Note: This session’s title derives from Tim O’Brien’s semi-autobiographical short story collection The Things They Carried, about US soldiers in Vietnam, who, after death, had only the things on their person as indicators of the lives they had lead and the men they had been.

The session began with a shot of the Sith Flask that IG had been holding, but which had (unbeknownst to him) fallen out of his possession when he was pulled up into the net in the previous session. We saw a clone trooper hand pick up the flask…

At the camp, the party was sent to track down the last of the lost Clone Troopers, “Flashback”, in a dark cave that Master Yoda said was a place where the Dark Side was strong.

Through several disturbing semi-hallucination scenes, the party ended up with a couple pictures of a Weequay female Jedi with her Clone trooper squad, wielding an orange light saber. They also found her light saber, with a broken crystal (which I believe either IG-74 or Odds ended up in possession of, though he didn’t tell everyone else).

In the deeper parts of the cave, the party found the dead (by suicide) body of Flashback, with the flask in his other hand. The Dark Side caused his life energy to rise up into some kind of awful Force Wraith that they had to fight. They eventually succeeded, though they all wanted to leave the cave (with Flashback’s body) as quickly as possible.

Back at the camp, Yoda confirmed that the Jedi was Master Kiera Am-Shak (named for the Weequay god of thunder), an overly aggressive Jedi who had been killed by Flashback when Order 66 was initiated. The party burned his body, according to the Weequay tradition, and prepared to depart for Kashyyyk.

Yoda instructed the party to try and bring Gungi (the one-armed wookiee Jedi they’d met in Bothan space) and any other Force-sensitive folk to him on Dagobah, but not to ever broadcast any statements about Dagobah, lest the Empire find out.

QUESTION: Did anything specific happen to the flask, or was that left in the cave?

Ep 34: Troubled Souls & The Things They Chase

XP Earned: 10
Total XP: 170 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)
Game Date: Dec 4, 2014

Note: Jay/Suul was not present for this game.

Note2: This week was a series of vignettes where, as part of his training, Moss/Brian had to accompany individual teammates to track down the missing clone troopers. In a different kind of roleplaying challenge, the soldiers (each with serious mental issues) were each played by one of the off-camera players, who were each given sheets with the basics of what was going on with their trooper, and what victory & failure conditions might apply.

Fenn & Moss happened upon Jeb (played by Elrych) in the woods outside the camp, thinking he was still piloting the ship that had crashed & killed all his companions (and knocked the Order 66 cells out of whack in his head). Fenn stayed back, cloaked, through most of the encounter, but when he tried to walk away, he saw an image of the Sith flask on a stump and the dead Bothan fisherman telling him to drink it. Eventually Moss (with some help from Fenn) convinced Jeb that he could move on from his grief, and that he needed to head back with them to the camp.

IG-74 & Moss were on patrol around the outskirts of the camp, with Moss talking & IG not responding much, when a snare/net trap yanked them both up into the air, and the survivalist trooper & adrenaline junkie with poor impulse control, Gunnar (played by Chris) came out to survey his prey. Fortunately, Moss was able to convince Gunnar that IG was not part of the Droid Separatists, and also that he was not a threat. IG gave up (almost) all of his guns, which convinced Gunnar that he had successfully defeated IG, which also calmed him down quite a bit, and allowed Moss to convince him to return to camp.

SISCO (Sys-Co)
Odds & Moss were on the ship when the ultra-paranoid Sisco (played by Jean) broke in to try & sabotage the ship. Through a combination of foil-hat shenanigans, messing with his spanner, Jedi-floating a helmet onto his head, and otherwise trying to convince the soldier that there were worse conspiracies to deal with, and eventually got him to leave the ship & go back to Master Yoda.

Javert & Moss wandered the jungle, talking about the various things that had gone on in their lives since they last were together. They came upon a high ledge where Handler (played by Mike, standing on a chair) was looking out over the edge, trying to talk himself into/out of jumping. It seemed that Handler was under the impression that war was everlasting, and he refused to fight one more day. Javert also had to deal with images of the miner’s sister that he’d murdered on Bakura, who kept advocating that Javert shoot the soldier. After some long and somewhat circular discussions, it finally got to a point where Handler was taking out his frustrations on Javert via wrestling/fisticuffs, which allowed Javert to roll him away from the edge. Moss intervened, mostly to help Handler calm down after he’d gotten out his current bout of negativity, and the three returned back to camp safely.

NEXT GAME… The party still has one more trooper to find… the guilt-ridden “Flashback”. Will they find him before something awful happens to him?

Ep 33: Unwanted, The Darkness Around Them Is

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 160 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)
Game Date: Nov 13, 2014

NOTE: Brian/Moss was back from his long hiatus for this game.

We began with Tremayne & Fenn, still mid conversation. Tremayne had just offered to train Fenn in the Dark Side, provided he killed his bodyguard as a sign of his commitment. Fenn went on about the need for thinking and not acting rashly, about how he had a certain sense of loyalty to Suul. Tremayne responded by asking “You know who else had misguided senses of loyalty? The corrupt Jedi Council that got overthrown.” Fenn tried to act interested, but did not immediately take Tremayne up on his offer. Tremayne tried to sweeten the deal, talking about how if he had a trusted apprentice, and if a Governorship job were to happen to open up, it might be likely to think that such an apprentice might get such a position.

Fenn said he wouldn’t decide now, because he had to get going to Kashyyyk. Tremayne said that there was another one there who might honor the same deal, but that she was “much less approachable than I am.” Fenn GTFOed, met back up with Suul, not responding to the Governor as he called out to him. The two then headed back to the ship.

A cloaked IG-74 had snuck out of the ship when Fenn & Suul had exited, and he now found himself hiding among some cargo at the far end of the bay. An Imperial lifter droid provided his only occasional diversion, as all this cargo appeared to be stuff he was not interested in. Eventually, he found his way back to the ship, getting back into the ship when Fenn & Suul did.

The party then all learned about the message from Moss that Odds had received, and began the long journey to Dagobah to meet up with him.

Exiting hyperspace near the uncivilized planet, the party did a quick orbit to see what was what. Though the heavy mists and dense vegetation on the planet made detailed sensor sweeps impossible, they did find some metal that appeared to be potential starship wreckage. Landing the ships on the only flat ground they could find near these structures, the party realized it was night on this part of the planet. As they exited the ship, though, they were very cautious, and armed, trying to be prepared for any threats that might arise.

Moss heard the ship’s engines, but did not recognize the Arkanis (the party got it after he was left on Bakura), so he ran off to wake Master Yoda while the clone troopers grabbed weapons & hid, prepared for conflict.

Unfortunately, Roger’s voice came over the loudspeaker to tell Fenn about some sensor anomalies he was experiencing… but the sound of a battle droid’s voice made the clone troopers, who still feel as if the war is on, think that Fenn & co were Separatists. They started firing, which caused IG and others to fire back, and somehow a building got burned down by a droid-mounted flame thrower that happened to go off accidentally on purpose. The clone troopers scattered into the woods, and the rest of the party fanned out to make sure they were gone before rallying back at the ship. IG, cloaked, headed towards the hut that Moss & a small humanoid were slowly walking from.

Yoda sensed a great darkness nearby, even though Moss tried to explain to him that the party were all his friends (well, mostly). When IG de-cloaked right next to Yoda with a giant sword in his hand and the sith flask radiating darkness from inside him, Yoda reacted quickly and light-saber-slashed the sword in half in a panicked instant. As Moss tried to calm things down, Fenn & the others came up to (hopefully) further lessen tensions.

We ended the session with the party taking a rest, though Moss had to take his old bed on the ship, since his sleeping hut on Dagobah had been burned down. The next game will begin morning on Dagobah, where Moss will have some tests to perform to prove his training did not fall on deaf ears.

Ep 32: A Meeting Moved Up

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 155 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)
Game Date: Nov 6, 2014

We began by discussing Brian/Moss’s return next week, which explained our slight detour in plots. We also decided that we’d begin each session by reading the recap from the last session or two, just to make sure everyone was on the same page.

The Governor sent a message to Fenn letting him know that High Inquisitor Tremayne had moved up the date of their meeting/inspection, and that Fenn was to report back to certain coordinates in the Arkanis Sector ASAP. The party briefly discussed bringing the one-armed Wookiee force user Minister Gungi with them to meet (and hopefully fight) Tremayne, but decided against it when they saw that he was still mastering the calming anti-rage techniques the Mace Windu holocron was trying to teach him. The party told his protocol/clerical droid that they’d be back in a little while to retrieve him.

Dropping out of Hyperspace, the party saw both Coventry’s flagship, The Nova, and Tremayne’s star destroyer, the Interrogator.

The ship landed in a hangar bay on the Nova, only to see red-armbanded inspection teams going over EVERYTHING. The Nova’s Captain, Jessa Tower, had been relegated to a meaningless Greeter & Inspector Baby-Sitter role, which she clearly did not enjoy. Fenn & Suul came off the ship, while giving the rest of the crew (specifically IG-74) orders to kill anyone who came on board. Unfortunately, the inspection crew demanded to come on board. Jessa ran interference, mentioning some obscure clearance level that the Inspector did not have. When the idea of Jessa running the inspection was raised, Fenn bypassed the problem by mentioning that his ship had been to the (now quarantined) Geonosis recently. This got rid of the Inspectors, who decided to inspect the outside of the ship instead. Jessa then said she’d personally take responsibility for the Ambassador & his companion and escort them to the Governor. Along the way she quietly mentioned to Fenn that the Governor’s standing order was

They found Gov. Coventry and High Inquisitor Tremayne with an inspector at an air filter sub-station, where it appeared the inspector was trying to “catch” him in incompetence about not knowing some obscure part of his flagship. However, Coventry did know all about air filtration systems, as when he was in Imp Spec Forces, he’d studied up on them for the purpose of poisoning people.

Coventry & Tremayne got into a bit of an argument as Fenn & Suul arrived, with Tremayne calling Coventry weak and Coventry calling Tremayne incompetent. Coventry felt that the Empire (represented by Tremayne) hadn’t sent him the resources he’d asked for to deal with Geonosis. Tremayne felt Coventry hadn’t used what he had been given properly. Coventry said Tremayne was blinded by his stupid religion, and suddenly Coventry was being Force-choked. This caused Suul to pull Fenn’s disruptor pistol & point it at Tremayne. However, Coventry already had his own slug-throwing pistol pointed at Tremayne’s heart.

Tremayne did not call Coventry’s bluff, dropping him to the floor, but Fenn quickly stepped in to try & smooth things over, talking about the issues he’d run into with Samir Duran on Geonosis, as well as mentioning other Force-related things that caught Tremayne’s interest.

Fenn & Tremayne went off to speak alone somewhere else, while Coventry and Suul shared some soldierish small talk (“I like swords.” “I also like swords.” “Swordy sword sword.”). Tremayne heard Fenn out about Samir Duran, mentioning that he & Duran had trained together under Lord Vader, but stating that the last time he’d seen Duran was when Tremayne was throwing him off a cliff after defeating him during training.

Speaking of training, Tremayne offered to train Fenn in the use of the Dark Side. There was a price, however. To prove his loyalty, he had to bring Tremayne the head of his bodyguard, Suul! [DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGER!]

In a brief end-of-episode sidebar, Odds, back on the ship, received a staticky message from Moss asking for help from some “coming darkness” that was approaching him on Dagobah.

Ep 31: The Funeral

Game Date: 10/23/2014

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 150 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)

NOTE: Jay/Suul was sleeping or something, so he wasn’t present. Suul stayed in the background.

We spent a good long time going over just what the party had purchased from Hondo Ohnaka’s less-than-entirely-legal stores, including a personal cloaking device, which IG-84 used at the funeral to remain unseen and vigilant.

Once we finally got going, the party continued their conversation with the Force-trained Minister Gungi, learning that he wanted the party to escort him to Kashyyyk where he sensed that the Dark Side was being used to rile-up the Wookiees, making them act more foolishly than they normally would. They learned that Gungi had been hiding in non-Imperial space after getting his arm chopped off by Darth Vader while saving Hondo’s life. Though Gungi did not care for the Weequay Hondo at all, he understood that the crime lord felt an obligation, and did not turn down the Mace Windu Holocron that was given.

Speaking of the Holocron, that imprint of some of Mace Windu’s knowledge was also able to converse with the party, to offer advice on planning. Eventually the party decided to leave Minister Gungi where he was, attend the funeral, and then return to get him on their way to Kashyyyk.

Fenn also spoke with “Master Windu” about the Sith flask he’d had, and the vision of his father grabbing his arm from earlier. While not completely all-knowing, the holocron did suggest that the flask and whatever liquid was inside it might be making Fenn more prone to react from fear instead of reason, to resort to rage before thinking, and to allow those beneath him to do worse things without a second thought. Fenn decided to put the flask inside IG-84, away from his own reach.

The party attended the Funeral, which was somber but appropriate. Fenn’s rival, Koth Doll’Ra, was there, as were representatives from many of the prominent clans on Bothawui. His old girlfriend, Shang Sun’Wu, was also there. She ran interference on Koth during the reception afterward.

Though there was some interesting conversation, combat did not (thankfully) break out at either the funeral or the reception following, and we ended the session with Koth not fully accused of arranging the murder, but with Fenn committed to playing a long game that would result in Koth’s downfall. We ended the session with the party preparing to head back to Kothlis, where they were to pick up Gungi.

Some Bothans were not allowed to attend the funeral, as their cubicle day jobs forbid it.

EP 30: A Family Matter

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 145 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)

The party entered Bothan space, where they saw an old Republic battle cruiser holding position mid-system. Fenn/Mike quickly contacted some relatives, and was given an escort to one of his uncles’ not-quite-legal ports for “legitimate business”. He was then whisked off to the family compound, where he would learn more about his father’s recent death.

At the family home, Fenn’s brother told him of the increased Imperial efforts to gain traction in the system politically, and discussed how Fenn’s old rival, Koth Doll’Ra, was one of the biggest supporters of the Join The Empire movement. The Republic Cruiser (disarmed) was afforded neutral territory that the Bothans allowed in their space as a place to meet with Imperial officials. His brother also said that their father, a master chef, was absolutely NOT killed by accidental food poisoning, as the coroner’s reports suggested.

The party also met with Sheba, the Bothan spy they had met back on Rikehead’s comet base a [[Ep 25: The Last Time I Saw You… | while back.]] She said that there was a good deal of suspicion floating about regarding who killed Fenn’s father. Some said it was Koth Doll’Ra, since Fenn’s dad was secretly sending money to the Bothan SpyNet folks on Krant who were trying to help overthrow the Empire. Others said that it could be his spice-smuggling uncles, who were upset at his recent moves to support laws that made drug smuggling harder. Still others said it might have been a rival restaurant chain, or maybe even some rebel-sympathizer trying to strike a blow at the supposed “Imperial Hero Fenn Kith’ra”.

Fenn also spent some time with his mother, who was being stoic in her usual way, but showing more emotion than most outside of the family could notice. He also chatted with his brother, who thought Fenn should have their father’s ceremonial cooking knife, though Fenn told his brother he was better suited for it (since the brother had been apprenticed to their dad in the restaurant).

During a brief private time with his father’s body, Fenn felt such remorse that he instinctively tried to take a swig from his Sith flask, and the arm of his father’s corpse shot up to grab his wrist and prevent him from drinking. A moment later, the corpse was unmoved, and Fenn stood there with the flask in hand. He decided not to drink, putting the flask away for later.

While investigating the death/murder of Fenn’s dad, the party went to Mandell, where a Weequay crime lord was said to have some clues. The elderly crime lord turned out to be Hondo (of Clone Wars TV show fame), and he revealed to Fenn that his father had been a good business partner of his, and that he’d also captured the two Bothan fishermen (a father/son team) from Kothlis who had sold the rare poisoned fish that killed Fenn’s dad. In a torture/kill scenario where Fenn had the father killed, the son offered little help, other than to say that the men who took the fish were wearing uniforms from a company that Fenn’s uncles owned.

As payment for the favor of getting the fishermen for him, Hondo asked Fenn to deliver an important present he’d just purchased to an old friend who didn’t like Hondo very much, a wookie. This friend was on Krant, which was coincidentally the same place the SpyNet had most of their operations. This friend was also a minister of some sort.

On the ship to Krant, the party decided that the Uncles wouldn’t be that dumb, and were probably set up by someone who had his agents wearing fake uniforms. They also took a peek at the package, which appeared to be an amber-ish crystal attached to some type of electronic base. They did not activate it. On-planet, the party found the wookie colony, who led them to the minister with some suspicion. They met a one-armed wookie in priestly robes, with a wooden cylinder at his side. Fenn tossed the package to the wookie, who immediately thought it was a threat, drew his lightsaber, and prepared to deflect it. He realized a second later that it was not a threat and used the Force to catch it, eventually floating it over to his hand after he’d replaced his lightsaber. Minister Gungi, it seems, had some Jedi training before going into hiding in the Bothan sector.

As he turned on the holocron, an image of a bald, dark-skinned human appeared. “May the Force be with you, Jedi. You have accessed this holocron to learn the secrets of calming rage with the Force. I am Jedi Master Mace Windu, and I will be your teacher.”

We ended the game with the party still in Gungi’s presence, ready to ask more questions & formulate a plan.

Ep 29: Ordo Dracul Noir

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 140 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)

We began this episode with the party standing at one end of a large chamber in the Zerg-infested tunnels of Geonosis, and a dark jedi of sorts standing at the other end, guarding the room that held Blip, KZ-12, and the Transponder Array the party needed for their ship. As some of our party approached, others held back to avoid getting too close to the clearly dangerous individual.

He introduced himself as Samir Duran, a representative of a group known as the Ordo Dracul Noir, which believed in spreading destruction throughout the galaxy. He was there to guide the awakening Cerebrates to use their Zerg to destroy all other life on the planet. The party wanted none of this, but were all in no state to fight the black-clad togruta with a lightsaber at his side. So they took his advice, got their friends, and exited as quickly as possible.

Hurrying back to the Hidden Queen of the Geonosians, the party conveyed the urgency of the impending bad stuff (Samir had said things might start within a day’s time. The queen did not want to hear any of it from Fenn, whom she referred to as a “Bringer of Darkness”, but listened when Suul told her basically the same thing. She then told the party to leave, quickly, as she began to project mental instructions to as many Geonosians as she could on the surface.

By the time the party reached the surface, a full-scale revolution was underway on Geonosis. Oddly, chain ladders had been lowered down the pit-side for the party to climb up. Roger told the party that he couldn’t land due to blaster fire, but that Squad B1-34 was ready to take them to a safe spot where they could rendezvous.

It turned out “Squad B1-34” was a group of old-school, clone-war-era Battle Droids in an armored transport vehicle. They took the party and their two speeders through the battle safely, depositing them in the mountains next to what looked like a partially buried Trade Federation control ship.

Some of the party (Jay/Suul had to leave early) went into the ship to meet with several droids (3 protocol droids, 3 B2-HA Super Battle Droids) that were surrounding the vegetative body of the being known as Ghost Mind. They all spoke as one, revealing that “Ghost Mind” was contained within all of their separate droid brains, but that he was seeking a droid brain that could hold his entire consciousness at once… a brain just like the Phlut brain design of the advanced IG-models. He revealed that these brains contained a rare Adegan crystal (similar to what certain Jedi used to use in their lightsabers) to create a sort of trinary data path. This is why the brains of the advanced IG models worked so much better… they were capable of greater sentience than any other droid brains.

Ghost Mind told the party that he was behind the “Republic Day” virus, and that his actual goal was to get Empirisoft Patch 2600 installed on as many droids as possible. He also said that he’d been planting low-level transmission chips into the eggs of the Geonosians, gaining limited information from anywhere that Geonosians got shipped to for slave labor (and likely the reason the Hidden Queen said not to go to the mountains). He said that there was a Doctor Nicolai Kinesworthy on Kashyyyk who was doing significant research into droid brains like the Phlut model, and asked that the party rescue him. As payment, he offered unspecified aide, as well as information that Javert should investigate the planet Kamino, as he might have a “family connection” there. The party agreed, and will likely use Andes Rikehead’s comet as a rendezvous point later.

The party took off in the Arkanis soon afterward, leaving the battle-torn Geonosis as Ghost Mind began the process of making his control ship take off. As they left, the party saw a giant Zerg maw reach up out of the ground to bite an AT-AT in half, and realized (with the sound of mayday calls in the background) that the planet was lost. Fenn contacted Gov Coventry from orbit, and told him not to send reinforcements, as the planet was lost. Coventry instead asked for Fenn’s trust, and, upon receiving it, called in for help on Geonosis from Coruscant. It seemed clear to Fenn that Coventry was trying to deplete or distract certain parts of the Imperial military… possibly related to the just-announced return of Grand Admiral Thrawn (a friend of Coventry’s) to the galaxy.

As the game drew to a close, Fenn contacted Sheba, his Bothan spy/smuggler contact, who was on one of Bothaui’s moons. She was glad that she could finally get in touch with Fenn. He started to ask about other matters, but she interrupted: “No, you don’t understand. It’s your father.”

And we ended on that happy little cliffhanger.

Ep 28: Zerg Rush

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 135 (plus the 25 from Mike before I started GMing)

[still updating]
Down in the tunnels of Geonosis, IG-74 climbed out of his escape pod to see many large, bug-like, chitin-covered “things” bearing down on him. He blasted the smaller ones (zerglings), but soon saw that there were larger creatures behind them (hydralisks), which spat acid.

Back near the site of the crashed ship, the party saw a swarm of those smaller creatures take Blip & his droid away down a different passage. Javert went down to eventually join-up with IG-74, tag-teaming the hydralisks & destroying them. They then…
[still working on this]

Ep 27: Hurry Up and Avoid Plot

XP Gained: 0 (we really didn’t DO much of anything)
Total XP: 130 (plus the 25 from Mike before I stared GMing)

We began by spending about half an hour discussing character sheets, XP expenditure, and who might take what skills or additional trees based on Brian/Moss’s likely extended absence.

The actual game began with Fenn & Suul getting a distress call from Kerrigan, who had been overrun by Geonosian “bugs”. Fenn promptly turned it off and instructed Suul to pay it no mind (which prompted him to take a swig from his Sith flask… uncconsciously, of course).

This left the party to spend the whole game dealing with debates about who to get the Transponder Imprint from. Fenn wanted to buy from all 3 crime lords, plus Blip, to put him in all their good graces. Javert thought this was a foolish idea, since none of these so-called “crime lords” even had a presence outside of the city of Tumbleweed Rocks, let alone off-planet. After over an hour of debate, Javert’s logic won out, and they decided to go to Blip.

Odds took IG with him to meet the Geonosian, who spoke briefly about his Mother/Boss, and got his CVY-1979 hover-platform/pickup truck to go get the part. He went with the two back to the Arkanis, where there was more discussion, before finally Odds, IG, and Javert went out to the crash fields with Blip & his translator droid, KZ-12. The group first stopped at a site where Blip said he always paid respect to a great fallen warrior… a simple stone headstone with the initials “J.F.” on it (out of game, this was Jango Fett’s gravestone). Then everyone split up to try & find the part.

During their searches, Javert found a Republic Data Core from a ship that bore symbols of the Jedi Council and looked like it had been used to transport nobility, and he took it with him. IG found a working (though unpowered) turbolaser buried beneath half a capital ship, though he could not retrieve it. And Odds learned that KZ-12 remembered the battles on Geonosis, remembered many Geonosians being made into slaves to build a “Star of Eternal Death”, and also thought that if Odds put his ears down, he might look like a Togruta he’d once known.

Eventually a ship with a likely undamaged part was found, though it was on the precipice of a recently formed sinkhole. This turned out to be very near where Kerrigan’s transmission had come from, and at the bottom of the 50-60 foot drop they could see some buried bits of storm troopers suits and the troop transport Kerrigan had been using.

Everyone got called to this spot, including Fenn & Suul, with the ship. The party set up a bunch of tethers to other junk in the region, then also floated the Arkanis above this crashed ship, with more tethers to hold it in place. IG went into the ship with Blip & KZ-12, while everyone else was either on the Arkanis or next to the hole, monitoring stuff.

Inside the ship, IG + KZ-12 worked to remove the undamaged Transponder imprint, while Blip worked to “get the lights on or see if the ship had any other power left.” In reality, though, Blip’s eyes had gone completely blank, and “Blip” was activating the maneuvering thrusters to fire automatically, pushing the ship to fall into the hole. IG managed to scramble up to an escape pod, but by the time he fired it, the pod shot down a corridor in the underground tunnel complex at the bottom of the hole. The rest of the party looked down to see their purpose for being on-planet fall just out of their reach.

And that’s where we ended the night.

Ep 26: Quit Bugging Me

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 130

Note: Jay/Suul was not present for the game. He was “there-but-in-the-background” for this session.

We begin with the party above Geonosis. They have a new transponder spoofer from Andes Rikehead, who also fixed their ship up, which they will eventually be able to use to make their ship appear to be a different ship to sensors. But first they need a different transponder from a previously existing ship to put into their new spoofer. Andes told them that there were a lot of crashed ships on Geonosis, and that a guy he knew named Blip might be able to help them find one.

The party did some above-planet scanning, and talked with the Imperials in charge of things. Turns out that there were 3 main Imperial bases on planet, one work camp, and a non-imperial shanty-town called Tumbleweed Rocks". Once they landed at Alpha Base, they met up with Imperial Administrator (“Captain”) Arcturus Mengsk. He gave them the run-down about the frequent rebellions the native Geonosians would launch, and the reason they didn’t have a lot of atmospheric aerial vehicles on planet (they can fly, and they make repairing & replacing those craft too expensive). They also met Mengsk’s son, Valerian, who is a General at the base, and Sgt James Raynor, a no-nonsense soldier & head of ground offensives against Geonosian resistance.

IG-74 made an off-handed combat about wanting to fire off some weapons, and suddenly found that Raynor had recruited him to take out a hive of resistance fighters in the desert. IG was… not sure how to feel about this.

There was also a brief thing where a mouse droid suddenly flashed a code in binary telling IG-74 to “go to the mountains”.

The party next flew to the Imperial “Blacksoul” Work Camp, which was nearest to the town of Tumbleweed Rocks, where they were likely to get their transponder part. Here they met General Alexei Stukov, a human who was very strict in his control of his “war criminal” population at the work camp, using some kind of electro-shock collars on all the prisoners/slaves to keep them in line. They also met Lt. Sarah Kerrigan, an Imperial sniper who was scheduled to take some elite soldiers in a “back door” to the resistance cave while IG created his bug-killing distraction up front. They learned that she was going to get into place, and that she’d signal the party when they were ready (but no later than this evening).

The party spent the rest of the day negotiating with the 3 crime lords who run Tumbleweed Rocks about who could get them the part faster/cheaper. Odds met with Garuda, the female Toydarian leader of the Orange Star gang. He also met with Blip, the Geonosian junk dealer friend of Andes, who said he could get them the part if they’d come to him to the crash fields to get it, but warned Odds not to trust Garuda. IG met with Hanzo, the male Human leader of the Yellow Comet gang, who could get the part but at a very high price. IG did some more poking around the slums in Yellow Comet’s district, finding a language chip for Geonosian and having a Geonosian briefly look at him blankly and tell him, in Geonosian, “do NOT go to the mountains”. Javert met with Mileena, the female Twilek leader of the Blue Moon gang, which employed mostly ex-storm troopers. She ended up being the one who’d be able to get a part for the quickest, though it’d still take a little while, and she gave no price, instead saying “Make me an offer.”

As the party gathered back together at the ship (where Fenn had been holo-transmitting his negotiations to holo-projectors each of his 3 emmisaries had), the party received a distress call from Kerrigant…
“The bugs… it’s like they knew we were coming… they’ve gotten most of my men… came up underneath us… I’ve got to see if I can save some of them. Please come as soon as possible for extraction. You’re the only ship that can get to us in time.”


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