Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 25: The Last Time I Saw You...
He's not an assassin, he's a murder machine

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 125

NOTE: Jean/Javert was out sick for this session. He “stayed on the ship”.

We began with the party about to dock the Arkanis at the Phoenix’s Nest… the comet-bound home/ship-repair dock of Andes Rikehead. However, they saw that another ship was also docked there… a YT-2400 that IG-74 recognized: the ship of the man who had killed his master! A quick scan of its identification tag labeled it “The Payday” with a listed captain of Darvill Shambo.

[Still working on this]


IG-74 past revelations

Fenn interacts with Bothan spy/smuggler Sheba

Installing fake ship ID tag device.

Off to Geonosis!

Ep 24: Olfactory Slips
"You smell like the imposter Lord Vader!"

XP Earned: 5

[still working on this summary]
We began with most of the party in a tense situation in the icy north of the planet Siskeen. Zebulon, with his twilek “assistants”, was sitting in a hot tub in his glacial cliff-side mansion, while Boba Fett stood behind him in his cliff-top mansion in the icey north of the planet Siskeen. Fenn & Suul were speaking with Zebulon, and Javert & IG-74 had just been brought in by private security forces. The two short, hooded individuals had just been revealed to be a “gift” from the Emperor, members of an obscure race that had served at Palpatine’s side until recently (out of game, we know that they’re Noghri, some of the Emperor’s best assassins). As Javert was entering from outside, though, the air blew his scent to the Noghri, who immediately recognized it as smelling like the clone the party knows to be impersonating the dead Lord Vader right now.

Nogri are dismissed

Fett trades info about Han on Kashyyyk for specs on IG-74 (so he can hunt IG-88)

Schwer-Chi force-communicates with them, convincing them to let him out

Chaos as they escape & party chases, but does not catch the trio.

Ep 23: Home is Where the Empire Is

XP Earned: 5

The party was on their way back to the Arkanis Sector, where they were meeting on the planet Siskeen with the wealthy Zebulon Chesterfield III. They still had the Ssi-Ruuk Shwer-Chi with them, even though he had requested to be brought to the coordinates he’d been dreaming of (which corresponded to Dagobah). Meanwhile, anti-droid sentiment was at a high, after a mysterious bug caused many droids across the galaxy to attack “biologics” while declaring “Long Live the Republic!”.

The party landed at a snowy base some miles away from the cliff-top resort of Zebulon Chesterfield. They received a specific request from Chesterfield that they bring IG-74 with them, as he had a “friend” who was interested in doing business related to the droid. They were also joined by two shorter cloaked figures who were also travelling to Zebulon’s estate with a message from the Emperor for Chesterfield. Not wanting to leave him on the ship, Odds/Chris convinced/tricked Shwer-Chi into an enclosed room inside their travel vehicle (a slow-moving tank/snow-tread thing), which they locked. After a long & arduous journey (full of casual conversation from [insert name], the native guide who was driving the vessel, the party saw the looming cliffs of Zebulon’s estate, and met with the Inuit-like peoples he’d hired to work for him there. They explained that there was an elevator, but the “real men” of their tribe climbed the cliffs. A moment later, the two cloaked figures were climbing the cliffs with more ease than seemed right.

Most of the party took the elevator up (a slow-moving freight elevator that moved their whole tank-vehicle), though IG/Elrych & Javert/Jean used a combination of climbing & jetpacks to go up the side of the cliff.

Inside the estate, the party walked into a warm room with a hot springs pool. Zebulon was in the tub with two twilek “associates”, and a figure in Mandalorian battle armor was there with him… BOBA FETT! (Boba Fett?)

Fett was actually interested in either purchasing IG or working some kind of information trade to get technical specs from IG, because he wanted to hunt & cash-in on the recent Imperial bounty placed on IG-88, whose model specs were very close to IG-74’s.

As Fenn & Fett negotiated, they settled on a trade of information. Fett told Fenn that Han Solo (Fenn’s supposed “Number One Priority”) was on his way to Kashyyyk, and Fenn let Fett take a copy of the tech specs for IG-74. The two hooded emissaries came in, revealing themselves to be gray-skinned beings known as Noghri, who had been serving the Emperor directly, but had recently been sent away to serve Chesterfield instead.

As Javert came in from the cold, the two Noghri both suddenly turned to him, saying “That one smells like the false lord Vader!”

We ended on that lovely little cliffhanger.

Ep 22: Quieting the Riot
"What're you going to do about it, Tin-Arm?"

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 110

Note: Brian/Moss was not here for this game, and will likely be out for at least a month. Tyler agreed to fill-in on a part-time basis as a mechanic who’s decent with computers until Brian gets back. Tyler’s new character, Kryotech, made his debut in this game.

In-Game Date: (the date formerly known as) Republic Day
Location: Bakura, capital city

We began in a bar, the Tasty Contaminant, where Kryotech (Tyler’s new character) was drinking away his sorrows after losing his repairman contract with the Bakura Mining Company. He heard the sounds of rioting outside, and went out to discover a crowd of 15 or so humans carrying a distraught protocol droid (with a violin bow for a hand), hitting it with pipes and branches and whatnot, chanting things about “Death to Droids” and similar hateful things. The droid kept calling for help for Master Sebastian and saying that it “Must find IG-74”. Remembering that he used to know a droid named IG-74, Kryo decided to act. Using a clever lie (“There’s free beer in the bar over there… for Republic Day!”), Kryo diverted the mob, saving the (now one-legged) droid and half-carrying him to the shipyard where IG-74 was supposed to be staying.

Aboard the ship, after the repurposed battle droid Roger had just shot Moss in the shoulder, Moss was going into some sort of cardiac event. Suul took off Roger’s arm (“disarming” him) while IG stunned him into next week. Then Kryo showed up with the violin droid, who told the story of JF Sebastian being hurt, and maybe all his droids (violin included) being the ones who did it. As Moss was convulsing on the floor (turns out the blast to his shoulder actually hit his heart), Odds took him on one speeder up to Sebastian’s (where they’d seen a Bacta tank), while IG took Kryo in the other speeder to the same place. During the ride up, Odds was distracted by a large number of unlucky (as Lepi define them) things that seemed to be happening, which was compounded by further “unlucky” occurrences in Sebastian’s home.

Inside, J.F. Sebastian was indeed hurt, though not as badly as Moss. Sebastian appeared to have been shot by several hastily-constructed stun blasters with low power (he didn’t have any high-functioning blaster parts lying around). Kryo worked on getting the Bacta tank up & running (& changing the settings so that it wouldn’t kill a Bothan). When all was said & done, it looked like it’d take several days to get Moss better, as near as Kryo could tell.

Meanwhile, a camera at the bottom of the mountain showed a mob of armed & angry civilians marching up to confront Sebastian, a known droid sympathizer, as the news broadcast not only stories of droid attacks due to the Republic Day virus, but also the car explosion caused by the party last game.

… [still working on this]

The party agreed to meet Zebulon Chesterfield III back in the Arkanis Sector on the planet Siskeen.

Ep 21: The Final Countdown
"Ba na na na, Ba na nuh nuh nuh... BA NA NA NA, Ba na NUH NUH NUH."

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 105

NOTE: Brian/Moss was not present, nor was Jay/Suul. Brian may be taking a several week hiatus to deal with family health issues.
Game date: Thursday, July 17, 2014
In-Game Date: the day before (the banned holiday of ) Republic Day, also the day before the mysterious droid countdown would end.

We began with the party all over the place. Odds & IG-74 were riding speeders back from Sebastian’s mountaintop home, having just got side cars installed. Javert was casually hunting Anna Frost, who was taking the family minivan to the local super-mart to get food for a barbecue she still thought was happening. And Fenn was mid-conversation with Elsa Frost and her parents, Wes & Aryndelle, all of whom he’d drugged with the truth-evoking, slumber-causing Ava Bush drug.

We started off with Odds & IG, who began racing down the mountain on their two new awesome speeders.
Despite IG throwing the claw of the unknown Ssi-Ruuk species at Odds, the Lepi still managed to pull out the win and reach the spaceship lot where their ship is being worked on. Hearing the roar of the speeder engines, Elsa Frost (who so far, it had seemed, had not told her parents ANYTHING about the Ssi-Ruuk or LG-426) blurted out “Hey, that was almost as loud as the roaring of those giant space lizards!” The ava-bush cuts both ways, it seems. Fenn was able to rush the family out of the ship before they could ask questions, though, saying that he’d send Anna home with money to reimburse them for the barbecue that no one would be able to attend. Then he had Odds & IG drive them both home on the speeders. Along the way, Mr. Frost conversed with Odds about which manure was best for growing carrots, while Mrs. Frost was delightfully unaware that IG was not listening to her and plotting ways to make her death look accidental.

Speaking of “accidental” deaths, while Anna was in the store, Javert jet-packed down & disabled the hover-van so that it would break down in a relatively secluded area nearby. When it did, she called her fiance (Taylor Mali) at the school to get some help, but Javert flew down, pulled her out of the vehicle, and brought her up behind a ridge in the woods. He questioned her about the Ssi-Ruuk (without letting her see his face), but she knew nothing, and soon was incoherent with sobs of terror. Her hands vaguely fumbled for keys, likely because she’d read something about putting keys between your fingers for self-defense, but Javert broke her wrist. Then he stunned her with his blaster, leaving her unconscious body in the woods. HOWEVER, he then heard movement in the nearby bushes, and saw a bear (or Bakura’s equivalent) rummaging for food. Javert stuck a food stick in Anna’s mouth and decided to let nature take its course. (NOTE: Next game, there will be a slight rules thing we’ll do related to this.) Javert then jet-packed back to the ship.

Back at the ship, Shwer-Chi asked for food, as he had not eaten in several days. He said he ate live meat, and did not want to eat anyone on-board. Odds went off hunting into a wooded area, eventually finding a broken-down minivan with an open door. A raccoon was rummaging through the many foodstuffs in the minivan, and Odds managed to stun it and bring it home. He also looked along the road for the claw that IG had thrown at him, but did not find it. As Odds got on his speeder & headed back to the ship with the raccoon, in the distance Anna’s bloodied hand reached up to try and signal for help, but she failed to gain his attention, and bear munching noises were heard.

Worrying that things were getting out of hand too quickly, Fenn paid Eldon Tyrell extra money to have his men work through the night & get the Arkanis repaired earlier than originally estimated.

The meeting with the Bakura Mining Corp board members was to happen at 5 PM at the Imperial garrison. Fenn had Moss do some poking on the board members, but since they are not a public company, available info was limited. He did get information on a Jubal Early, who was to be the Board leader who would be lead in this discussion. He learned that Early had been appointed lead on several other deals involving pirates and other armed businessmen. Fenn chatted briefly with his friend, Imperial Commander Thanas, before going into the meeting.

In the meeting, the all-human board was quiet, sending their thoughts via text to Jubal, who did all the talking. Jubal said that weapons were not necessary, as none of them were armed, Fenn offered him information from Zebulon’s people about an impossible planet of unimaginable wealth. Though there were some technical issues (the Bakuran software was much slower/older than what Fenn was running on his datapad), the basic information was conveyed. Early was more than a little skeptical. Fenn then pushed, saying that he hadn’t told the Empire about this yet, even, but while he did, he handed his pistol to IG (who should not have been able to hold it, given the mandatory anti-weapon software on all Bakuran droids). Early responded with a polite but firm refusal to do business with Fenn, also mentioning that, as a company on a world recently acquired by the Empire, he’d be required to report on any major off-world business venture like this one to the Imperial regulators. Fenn did not take the bait, but the counter-threat was clear.

The party left the facility first, hanging out in the parking lot long enough to see what looked like Boardmember Early laughing with Cmdr. Thanas, before getting into his hover-limo. Javert managed to tag the limo with a tracker, and after the board members had driven away, Fenn & Odds went back to the ship while Javert & IG took the other speeder to track down Early’s vehicle. They caught up to him in an industrial area with few witnesses, and IG blasted the driver, causing the car to crash and fling the driver through the windshield. Getting off the bike, the two headed to the car. While Javert looked for anything of value in the vehicle, IG-74 pulled open the back door to hear laughter coming from Jubal Early. He pulled Early out by the throat, noting that he was at least 4 times heavier than a human his size should be. The laughter track switched over when IG grabbed Early, instead repeating “This is why you shouldn’t trust droids! This is why you shouldn’t trust droids!” as a beeping in Early’s chest turned out to be a thermal detonator.

The blast drew a lot of attention, though thankfully didn’t fully kill either party member. Javert & IG fled on their somewhat blast-scarred speeder to return to the ship.

Back at the ship, Mr. Tyrell’s 8 yr old daughter, Meera, was having dinner with him & the guys before they got back to work. She had a datapad that was supposedly linked to Coruscant time, and told her father “Happy Republic Day, Daddy!” as the time on Coruscant officially switched over to the new day (remember that Bakuran schools all had very old equipment that hadn’t yet been updated with Imperial education materials). After she said this, Moss got up to speak to Fenn, but the pilot droid ROGER stood up behind him, called out “LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!”, and shot Moss in the shoulder.

And that’s where we ended the session.

Ep 20: The Countdown

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 100

NOTE: Brian/Moss was not here for this game.
Game Date: Thursday, July 10, 2014

On Bakura, the party engaged in some interesting interactions with the citizens. [still working on this]

Ep 19: A Long Trip Through Space

XP Gained: 5

NOTE: Brian/Moss was not there for game this night. He was “with the ship” once we landed.
Game Date: Thurs, July 3, 2014

[still working on this]
We began on the ship. The party had just exited Ssi-Ruuvi controlled space around LV-426, with none of the triangular droid ships firing on them once word got out that they had a Ssi-Ruu, Shwer-Chi, aboard their ship. As the party headed back towards known space, they had some chance to talk with Shwer-Chi, with the six surviving miners, and with one another.

With Moss not being present, exploration of BURKE’S DATA, which the party downloaded from the LV-426 computers before leaving, was put off until the slicer could be present to look at it.

Suul noticed that one of the miners, Elsa Frost, was staying as far away from IG-74 as she could. Some interactions revealed that she is from Bakura, and that the whole planet has a massive hatred/fear of droids, due to a very deadly droid uprising almost 100 years ago. She then explained that there were strict laws about software failsafes required to be installed on droids that went planetside.

Odds was the first to try to engage Shwer-Chi in conversation, and they got to talking about religion. The Ssi-Ruuvi religion involves a story of gods creating magical eggs which grew the Ssi-Ruuk master race, the P’Weck servant race, one that spawned all other lesser races of the universe, and one that never hatched, symbolizing the afterlife. It is for this reason that a planet needs to be consecrated by religious ritual to create a symbolic fourth egg shrine that will allow Ssi-Ruuk who die nearby to pass to the afterlife. If Ssi-Ruuk die in deep space or on a non-consecrated planet, they fear they will forever be lost to the afterlife.

Shwer-Chi then

Ep 18: Life Debts

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 90

[still working on this]
We began at the dramatic moment we left off on last week, with Suul holding the blade of his weapon to Ssi-Ruuvi General Siir-han’s throat. Schwer-Chi, the pariah Ssi-Ruuvi priest, and the other two Ssi-Ruuvi generals, Guan Yu & Lu Bu, looked on anxiously, with Odds watching from a little ways off on the speeder bike. Meanwhile, the rest of the party was inside the mining facility, scavenging parts to repair the ship while trying to not get attacked by the Ssi-Ruuk who’d overtaken the facility.

Suul demanded “Yield!”, which was translated by Schwer-Chi’s translator pad. For a brief moment, Siir-Han said nothing. Then he conceded “I admit that you have defeated me this time.” He rose, and after receiving some rather brutal first aid on his jaw from Guan Yu, moved off out of the territory that was now claimed by Suul. Odds rode up to join Suul, and the other two generals began a not-very-comfortable staring contest with our heroes, sizing them up.

The party moved into

Ep 17: Pariah's Trek

XP Gained: 5
Total: 85

[still working on this]

Game Date: Thursday, June 12, 2014
We started out back at the Arkanis with Moss, who was trying to find bits of ship wiring he could salvage and Frankenstein into new wiring for the ship’s shield system, which was completely fried… and watching Youtube videos on ship repair to help him not cut a Very Important Wire. As this went on, a knocking/scratching at the entry ramp door grabbed his attention.

Ep 16: Wasteland Trek

XP Gained: 5
XP Total: 80

Game Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014
NOTE: Bryan/Moss was out this game as well, so Moss “stayed behind to work on the ship’s wiring”

The party headed out, with breathers on, into the rather harsh, rock-dust-filled wasteland between the ship & the forest. The terrain was all various stages of rock, with occasional outcroppings for potential ambushers to hide behind. The partial-terraforming had created some atmosphere, occasional breezes, but no wild plantlife or (apparently) animals. The NPC Battle Droid Roger & IG-74 took the speeder bike to serve as mobile scouts for the rest of the party, who were on foot.

While far off, IG-74 found a strange orangish rock that appeared to be semi-maleable. He kicked it, though, and it turned red & made cracking noises. However, he noticed that his foot was slightly shinier after kicking the rock. He then sat on the rock, which caused it to turn redder, and then blasted it, shattering it into inert grey pebbles. Probably wasn’t important, though, so it’s cool.

Closer to the forest, the party saw some small, lizard-like creatures about a meter tall, very fast, with something that looked like a weapon in their front claws. There appeared to be a number of these creatures running patrols around the outside of the forest.

One of them even stopped to extend nose-tongue things, apparently sniffing the air. While the party observed this lone creature, 10 more snuck up on either side of the party, ambushing them (clever girl…). A firefight was on.

The small lizards’ weapons fired a sort of stunning beam that did Strain damage to both organics and droids. The party had little difficulty taking them out (2 groups of 5 minions each), and used the opportunity to quickly head into the forest while there was a gap. Looking back, though, Suul saw that it was not long before more of the creatures showed up to find their fallen comrades.

The forest itself appeared to be keeping the creatures at bay, and it was theorized that this was due to the unpleasant and strong smell of the large fruit hanging from the trees. The party took all the fruit from the trees near them and smashed it on the ground in an attempt to enhance the smell… but eventually a breeze popped up, blowing the smell away and allowing the largely scent-based lizards to move into the forest a bit.

The party retreated further into the forest, finding the human survivors of the mining facility. There were 7 of them total, 3 men, 3 women, & Burke. All the others also had names from Aliens. The party butted heads with Burke for a while, who is racist and callous and only concerned with getting off the planetoid. Then they talked to the miners, and got more information.

They got a map of the facility and learned which areas had the stuff they might need to fix their ship. Then they hatched a plot to test the invaders’ defenses and see how get-into-able the facility was. Meanwhile, IG-74 checked out a fallen space pyramid, which turned out to have no pilot and limited droid programming, but also a hella weird battery-keg thing. When he touched the power connector, IG-74 briefly remembered when his human granddaughter took her first steps, though he was screaming in the memory… but then that all went away. IG-74 did not mention this to anyone else, though.

Suul & Fenn took a test run at the facility on the speeder bike, shooting at a much larger (wookie-sized) lizard with red scales & a larger weapon. The energy blasts from the speeder bike did much less damage to the lizard than they should have, and his stunning beam nearly knocked Suul (the pilot) out. As they flew back to the forest, the red lizard charged after them, shooting Fenn in the back and knocking him out. Fortunately, Suul was able to grab Fenn before he fell off, though the bothan did lose his blaster pistol in the process. They returned to the forest, and we ended the session there.


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