Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 18: Life Debts

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 90

[still working on this]
We began at the dramatic moment we left off on last week, with Suul holding the blade of his weapon to Ssi-Ruuvi General Siir-han’s throat. Schwer-Chi, the pariah Ssi-Ruuvi priest, and the other two Ssi-Ruuvi generals, Guan Yu & Lu Bu, looked on anxiously, with Odds watching from a little ways off on the speeder bike. Meanwhile, the rest of the party was inside the mining facility, scavenging parts to repair the ship while trying to not get attacked by the Ssi-Ruuk who’d overtaken the facility.

Suul demanded “Yield!”, which was translated by Schwer-Chi’s translator pad. For a brief moment, Siir-Han said nothing. Then he conceded “I admit that you have defeated me this time.” He rose, and after receiving some rather brutal first aid on his jaw from Guan Yu, moved off out of the territory that was now claimed by Suul. Odds rode up to join Suul, and the other two generals began a not-very-comfortable staring contest with our heroes, sizing them up.

The party moved into

Ep 17: Pariah's Trek

XP Gained: 5
Total: 85

[still working on this]

Game Date: Thursday, June 12, 2014
We started out back at the Arkanis with Moss, who was trying to find bits of ship wiring he could salvage and Frankenstein into new wiring for the ship’s shield system, which was completely fried… and watching Youtube videos on ship repair to help him not cut a Very Important Wire. As this went on, a knocking/scratching at the entry ramp door grabbed his attention.

Ep 16: Wasteland Trek

XP Gained: 5
XP Total: 80

Game Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014
NOTE: Bryan/Moss was out this game as well, so Moss “stayed behind to work on the ship’s wiring”

The party headed out, with breathers on, into the rather harsh, rock-dust-filled wasteland between the ship & the forest. The terrain was all various stages of rock, with occasional outcroppings for potential ambushers to hide behind. The partial-terraforming had created some atmosphere, occasional breezes, but no wild plantlife or (apparently) animals. The NPC Battle Droid Roger & IG-74 took the speeder bike to serve as mobile scouts for the rest of the party, who were on foot.

While far off, IG-74 found a strange orangish rock that appeared to be semi-maleable. He kicked it, though, and it turned red & made cracking noises. However, he noticed that his foot was slightly shinier after kicking the rock. He then sat on the rock, which caused it to turn redder, and then blasted it, shattering it into inert grey pebbles. Probably wasn’t important, though, so it’s cool.

Closer to the forest, the party saw some small, lizard-like creatures about a meter tall, very fast, with something that looked like a weapon in their front claws. There appeared to be a number of these creatures running patrols around the outside of the forest.

One of them even stopped to extend nose-tongue things, apparently sniffing the air. While the party observed this lone creature, 10 more snuck up on either side of the party, ambushing them (clever girl…). A firefight was on.

The small lizards’ weapons fired a sort of stunning beam that did Strain damage to both organics and droids. The party had little difficulty taking them out (2 groups of 5 minions each), and used the opportunity to quickly head into the forest while there was a gap. Looking back, though, Suul saw that it was not long before more of the creatures showed up to find their fallen comrades.

The forest itself appeared to be keeping the creatures at bay, and it was theorized that this was due to the unpleasant and strong smell of the large fruit hanging from the trees. The party took all the fruit from the trees near them and smashed it on the ground in an attempt to enhance the smell… but eventually a breeze popped up, blowing the smell away and allowing the largely scent-based lizards to move into the forest a bit.

The party retreated further into the forest, finding the human survivors of the mining facility. There were 7 of them total, 3 men, 3 women, & Burke. All the others also had names from Aliens. The party butted heads with Burke for a while, who is racist and callous and only concerned with getting off the planetoid. Then they talked to the miners, and got more information.

They got a map of the facility and learned which areas had the stuff they might need to fix their ship. Then they hatched a plot to test the invaders’ defenses and see how get-into-able the facility was. Meanwhile, IG-74 checked out a fallen space pyramid, which turned out to have no pilot and limited droid programming, but also a hella weird battery-keg thing. When he touched the power connector, IG-74 briefly remembered when his human granddaughter took her first steps, though he was screaming in the memory… but then that all went away. IG-74 did not mention this to anyone else, though.

Suul & Fenn took a test run at the facility on the speeder bike, shooting at a much larger (wookie-sized) lizard with red scales & a larger weapon. The energy blasts from the speeder bike did much less damage to the lizard than they should have, and his stunning beam nearly knocked Suul (the pilot) out. As they flew back to the forest, the red lizard charged after them, shooting Fenn in the back and knocking him out. Fortunately, Suul was able to grab Fenn before he fell off, though the bothan did lose his blaster pistol in the process. They returned to the forest, and we ended the session there.

Ep 15: Triangles in Space

XP Gained: 6
TOTAL XP so far = 25 (from Mike) + 50 (from Joe) = 75

NOTE: Bryan/Moss was “dealing with computer problems” on the ship during this fight, since he wasn’t present for the game.

The game began with the party and their ship, the Arkanis, dropping out of hyperspace beyond the edge of known space, past Bakura, near a planetoid identified as LV-426, where Zebulon Chesterfield III had sent the party on a recon mission to discover why the mining colony on that planetoid had stopped communicating.

In front of the party were a great many… metal triangles, like 2m pyramids floating as debris in space. As the Arkanis approached, though, the triangles animated and moved to attack. A War in the Stars began!

The pyramids did some decent damage to the ship, which fired back well enough, but couldn’t deal with the pyramids’ superior numbers. Rather decently damaged, the team “punched it” and jolted towards the planetoid. Once they broke atmosphere, the pyramids did not follow.

Flying over the mining facility, they saw 3 large, spherish capital ships landed around the facility. Throwing stealth to the wind, they fired a photon torpedo at one of them, doing minimal damage to the enemy vessel. The capital ship responded with a turbolaser blast, though, which fried much of the Arkanis’ circuitry & systems (esp shields, which are all shot to hell), forcing them to land in a cave nearby.

Before they landed, the party contacted someone in a nearby orchard/forest on the mostly rock-covered planetoid. This was Burke, the Chesterfield “company man”, who demanded extraction if the party was there on Chesterfield’s orders. The cave the party landed in was a good 3-4 miles away from the forest.

Ep 14: Dinner in the Clouds

Game Date: May 22, 2014
XP Gained: 5

Our game began on Bespin, mid-conversation with Cloud City’s administrator, Lando Calrissian. He had just ordered dinner to be served, and the party was settling down to Cloud City’s best interpretation of Bothan delicacies (which were decent, but not great). While they chatted, a golden droid walked in and interrupted the meal to tell Lando that a Captain Attichitcuk-son needed a shipment reviewed before he could leave. Lando told the droid he’d have to wait, that he was dining with Imperial dignitaries, and the droid wandered off.

As the dinner progressed, Odds & Lando formed a special friendship as they got drunk together. Moss saw what looked like 3PO and a wookie sneaking through a doorway down the hall, and followed. Eventually the rest of the party, minus Odds (who stayed to drink w/ Lando), followed.

The party followed Chewie & C-3PO through an industrial area (smelting, refining, that sort of stuff), past many workers who looked like they’d been paid to keep their heads down. Then, as they hid & planned what to do while watching Chewie & 3PO struggle with a door, one of the workers snuck up behind Fenn & put a blaster to his head, saying “Let’s talk about your number one priority, shall we?”

After some (mostly) staged combat in which Fenn & crew “captured” Han, Chewie, & 3PO, they took the rebels back to their ship, where they fessed up about not really being Imperial shills, and about wanting to help the Rebellion if possible.

They staged a fake explosive escape in which Solo, Chewie, 3PO, and Motoko escaped, while the Rodian prisoner was killed (the party actually killed her ahead of time & left her body to make it look like she was killed in the fight). Then they sent a report about their near capture of Solo, and flew off on their continued mission to investigate the radio silence from Colony LV-426.

The game ended with the group coming out of hyperspace near the coordinates for Colony LV-426. There were strange metal debris pieces floating around the area, each shaped like a kind of pyramid. As the Arkanis entered the region, though, the “debris” activated as about 50 very small starfighters and started moving towards the Arkanis to attack.

Ep 13: What We Said...

Game Date: May 15, 2014
XP: None

Continuing their adventures at Zebulon Chesterfield III’s estate in the Pii System, the party began split-up. Odds and Suul, the party’s new Weequay ally, disposed of the body of poor Meff Trelio. Meanwhile, Fenn & the others went with the hired security to interrogate the captured Rodian assassin.

IG-74 served as a translator, since the assassin only spoke in Rodian. They determined that she was seeking retaliation for her children & family, all of whom had been killed in the recent orbital bombardments of Rodia. They also found out that her brother, Greedo, had been killed by Han Solo, so she was NOT a fan of his, nor did she know where he was (if she did, she would have gone to kill him, instead).

In addition, she let slip that the original attack on the Governor (back in our first game) was NOT the cause of the orbital bombardment, but rather an excuse. She claimed the star destroyers were in the skies above Rodia less than an hour after the attack, meaning they’d been on their way for some time already, and the strike had been already planned. This was not translated for the private security folks, but Fenn & the others bluffed their way into taking the Rodian prisoner so they could find out more.

Zebulon Chesterfield III himself pulled the group aside to discuss a lost mining colony he’d sent to the far reaches of space. He hadn’t have contact with them in several months, but did not want to make any official issue of it, because the reported minerals in the area in question were vast and untapped, and the region was nearby to a planet called Bakura, which had a very large mining company that would happily take advantage of that knowledge and “steal” the ore, if they knew of its existence. Chesterfield asked if the party might be interested in a discrete side mission to Colony LV-426, and they said they’d consider it.

Fenn & Moss were invited to speak to the Governor after the interrogation finished, and he employed a bit of classified Imperial Tech to silence all electronic recording/communication devices so that he could privately ask Fenn what really happened in the Yavin Sector. While Fenn mentioned nothing about Vader’s death, he did share most of the other info… Tremayne’s prominent role, the many destroyed Imperial ships, reports of captured rebel survivors, etc.

The Governor shared with Fenn that there was potential for a change in leadership of the Empire, that certain forces were not happy with the quasi-religious nonsense that people like the Emperor, Lord Vader, and Inquisitor Tremayne had been using as guiding principals. Also, the racist, pro-human agenda was not sustainable. While he gave no timeline as to when these changes might occur, he assured Fenn that they would be swift when they did, and that this was the reason the Governor was doing all he could to make Fenn a celebrity, so that when the change happened, Fenn would be positioned to take a leadership role among the Bothans. The Governor said that he had been told that Bothan artwork indicated that they would likely follow a strong leader like Fenn if such galactic upheaval were to occur. The silencing device then ran out of juice, and the conversation ended.

As the party got back together, Moss did some slicing to track the booking of the Rodian assassin dancers. It turned out their agency had been destroyed in the orbital bombardment of Rodia, but that their prior engagements had included shows in Bespin for the administrator there, Lando Calrissian. Calrissian’s endorsement of the group had been what had prompted Chesterfield’s entertainment manager to book the group.

The party decided to undertake Chesterfield’s mission, stopping off at Bespin to purchase a wide range of goods at the various shops near there. While on Bespin, they arranged to have a sit-down conversation with Administrator Calrissian. He cleared up the Rodian dancer confusion, describing the troupe he saw as being very different from the one that attacked the party. It was decided that the assassins probably killed/replaced the original troupe.

The game ended mid-conversation with Lando.

Ep 12: The Palpatine Museum
"Even at this distance, the Emperor's power guided your hands..."

Game Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014

XP Gained: 5

The party finished their dealings in the Portabella Cluster, picking up their new gear and selling off the old artifacts from Jabba to a Weequay named Weequay (they think).

Then they headed to the lavish estate of Zebulon Chesterfield III to attend this large party where the Governor was making an appearance. The party went through security protocols,

Wandering through Zebulon’s “Palpatine Museum”, they learned some irrelevant tidbits about his home planet of Naboo, and saw several old artifacts from Palpatine’s early years, including a picture entitled “Emperor Palpatine at age 15, with Muun businessman Hego Damask, whom he apprenticed under in business management.”

The party also chatted it up with “Face” Loran, a hotshot Imperial movie star who sounded like he was having Rebel sympathies. His drunken dude-bro friends got a kick out of getting punched by IG-74, whom they believed was the famous bounty hunter IG-88. It did not end well for them, though they hardly noticed.

The session ended with an assassination attempt on Zebulon & the Governor by some rodian “dancing girls” who actually turned out to be trained assassins. While Meff Trelio was, unfortunately, killed in the early fighting, a new hero, the Weequay Suul, stepped up to take care of most of the assassins, earning praise from the Governor & Zebulon, and also eventually getting a spot on Fenn’s team as his bodyguard.

Ep 11: On the Way to the Governor
"Please don't do this..."

XP Gained: 5

The session began with the party headed away from the Yavin system, with a jury-rigged hyperdrive and a lot of secrets to get straight. Debating what would get told to whom while in hyperspace headed back to Andes’ comet, the group finally came to a sort-of consensus.

Back at the comet, the consensus kind of got thrown to heck when some extracted info from the hyperdrive that Andes fixed, added into the hacked footage Moss had gotten off a star destroyer ruin (which he had up on the holo-screen in the lounge area) showed all the gory details of the Yavin fight. Andes & the droid Motoko saw everything. While the party agreed that Andes was probably too paranoid & crazy to share the knowledge with anyone (he revealed that he keeps crystals in his cybernetic head case to block Imperial mind-control signals from the news), Motoko was more of a problem. She outright told the party, after they instructed her to keep quiet, that she WOULD become more of a liability to the party the more of these kind of secrets she got, because it was not in her nature to keep secret information that could bring about beneficial galactic change.

There were some tense moments as the rest of the party voted to wipe Motoko’s memory, which would have also destroyed the droid rights activist’s personality and “personhood”. IG-74, who technically owns Motoko, stood up for her, though, and eventually convinced the party that he’d take responsibility for her, in the same way that Fenn had taken responsibility for them to Inquisitor Tremayne.

While on the comet, Fenn received word that Governor Coventry was attending a large gala at the home of Zebulon Chesterfield III in the Pii system, and that the party should meet up with him there. Stopping just at the edge of the Pii system, the party docked their two ships at the Portabella Cluster, a gathering of ships that served as a sort of mall for workers in the Pii system. There, the party met up with a starship salesman named Cid, who offered them several choices of new ships, as well as decent trade-in values on their old ships. Odds & Fenn did some price haggling to get better trade-in values, and then Fenn sent a message to Gov Coventry to see if he could get an advance to cover the rest. Coventry gave some terms on financing, and Fenn said he’d call back with final details.

The rest of the session was spent with the party buying misc. sundry items (related to mining) and debating over which of the 4 ships at Cid’s to get. Next session will (hopefully) begin with the party choosing a new ship and then getting moving, as this game took up only the intro paragraph of what was planned for the evening by the GM.

Ep 10: Dead Vader

Game Date: Thursday, April 25, 2014
XP Gained: 0
NOTE: Chris/Odds and Jean/Javert were not present for this game (flu or something)

[still working on this]
The session began with Darth Vader dead in the cargo hold of the Stout. Fenn/Mike sent a brief message to the Interrogator, and High Inquisitor Tremayne immediately came at top velocity in his smaller ship, force-leaping the last few hundred feet to the party’s airlock door, which he demanded they open.

NOTE: Session ended with Jay deciding to retool Mef as a weekway hired gun or something. So all that potential force-sensitive stuff will go away now, I think.

Ep9: The Yavin Affair
Burn baby burn, YAVIN INFERNO!

Game Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014
XP Gained: 5

[working on this still]
The session began with the party on The Phoenix Nest, the comet-borne home/ship repair bay of Andes Rikehead. As the upgrades to their ships were being completed, an encoded message for Fenn Kithra/Mike arrived from Governor Coventry. Apparently the Gov. did not trust the information he was getting through official channels about what was going on in Yavin.

The party, after much debate, decided to leave Motoko & the Fang at the Nest, and take the Stout in to the Yavin system.

Upon arriving in the Yavin system, things were not so great. First off, they were ripped out of Hyperspace by one of the gravity well satellite pods that the Empire had set up around the sector to keep people away. Inside the sector was major destruction, with many smoldering star destroyers & other capital vessels floating near the 4th moon of the system. The moon and others near it looked like they had half of their surface blasted away by radiation or fire or something. Even the gas giant Yavin Prime had some kind of huge disturbance on it, the result of a recent large explosion.


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