Arkanis Sector (expanded)

The Empire recently expanded the area known as the Arkanis sector to cover a much larger region. The close-up picture below shows the area, outlined in RED, that is now considered “The Arkanis Sector”. Of course, some of the planets that got roped into this may or may not be cool with that, and adjacent regions, like Bothan space, are certainly nervous at this land grab… but it’s the Empire, so what’re you gonna do?

Major Systems in the Arkanis Sector

(Many thanks to Wookieepedia for a lot of this) Note that these are not the only planets in this sector… just the biggest ones with decent sentient populations or other reasons that they are important.

Ando: An oceanic planet, homeworld of the Aqualish species.

Notable Folk:

  • Ana Sazi: Aqualish, female, Prime minister of planet. She has a darker hue than most Aqualish, and rumor is that she is descended from the underground-dwelling Ualaq sub-species.
  • Corporal Lucrezia Une: human, female, head of Imperial garrison on Ando. Known to be calculating and no-nonsense, but also fair (ish).

Blenjeel: desert planet located far from the major hyperlanes. Inhabited by enormous sand burrowers, which emerge quickly from the ground to devour unsuspecting prey. Mostly consists of wide deserts, noted for the unusual consistency of the sand, which shift over time (mostly attributed to the movements of the sand burrowers). Officially listed as a “dangerous planet” in the Imperial record, some criminal groups may still utilize it, as it does have a breathable atmosphere.

Excarga: mining world with ties to the Mining Guild. Mostly utilitarian metals.
Notable Folk:
*Duke Leto Atreides: human, male – head of powerful Atreides mining family/company

Falleen: Homeworld to reptilian Falleen race, it has jungles, plains, and icy mountains. The natives are highly intelligent, and many scientists and scholars come from here. It is rumored that Lord Vader himself has a think tank of brilliant minds (Falleen and other) somewhere on this planet working on projects for him.

Notable Folk:

  • King Razgorax: Falleen, male, 200-yr old ruler of the planet, arrogant but skilled in politics and battle
  • Prince Zeno: Falleen, male, eldest son of Razgorax and heir to the throne
  • Princess Kara-zen, female, off-planet liaisson with the Empire

Geonosis: home planet of the Geonosians. The desert world was the Confederacy’s first capital, hosting its major droid foundries. It was the site of the Battle of Geonosis, the opening conflict of the Clone Wars, in 22 BBY. The Empire now has a strong military presence on the planet, and most of the Geonosians are used as slave labor, paying a price for the many sins their battle droids committed during the Clone Wars. There are rumors of secret and/or high-capacity Imperial weaponry being made or tested on Geonosis, but most of the materials produced appear to be more network/automation/communication-related.

Notable Folk:

  • Imperator Dolf Zahn, human, male, Imperial overseer of the planet.

Hypori: temperate planet of small oceans and rocky landscapes located in the Ferra sector of the Outer Rim Territories, notable for being a heavy battle droid producer. It has no native intelligent species, but since the end of the Clone Wars, the Empire has sent many colonization vessels to this planet, so it now has a sizable human population.
Notable Folk:

  • Griggson: Gomorian, male, runs hand-to-hand combat academy/gladiatorial arena, The Festering Wound, about 50 miles outside of the capital city.
  • Gaius Trafalgar, human, male, elected President of planetary council

Kowak: A tropical planet, completely covered in rain forests. It is the homeworld of the Kowakian monkey-lizard species (that little laughing imp dude that hangs out next to Jabba). There are many animals that inhabited Kowak, but the dominant species on the planet is the Kowakian monkey-lizards. A group of University of Coruscant zoologists once visited Kowak hoping to conduct a study on the sentience of the planet’s monkey-lizards. Initially quite shy, the creatures were lured out with offers of food, which revealed the Kowakians’s cruel streak. They hid a snake in one of the zoologist’s bags, destroyed their expensive equipment, ate all their food, played in their tents and even left barrels of water on top of branches, pouring their contents down on anyone who walked below. The zoologists had no choice but to leave the planet. There is a small Imperial presence on the planet now conducting biological research, but they are always on guard for the antics/schemes of the native species.
Notable Folks:

  • Lady/Commandante Elisa Weathersby, human, wealthy heiress AND head of Imperial biological research facility on the planet.

Lahsbane: Homeworld of the curious & diminutive Lahsbees, who mature into the larger, more savage Huhks in adulthood. Both species are furry, though a more feline bone structure becomes more apparent in Huhks. They are an intelligent, if simple people, currently in a tech level similar to Victorian England, though with much less lace. Huhks live in cities separate from their smaller cousins, because they’d probably kill them otherwise. The planet has river canyons and forest knolls, which are crossed by the use of hot air balloons and gliders. A fine pollen exists on Lahsbane that had a tendency to clog the intake valves on starships, causing frustration to many spacefarers that land on the planet.

Notable Folk:

  • Zeemo Kood: Rodian, male, head of a Rodian clan that transplanted themselves to Lahsbane and run the only reliably functioning spaceport – Rodia 1. Not know for particularly liking the Lahsbees or Huhks, his presence here is likely business-related, though there are rumors that he and his sons may hunt Huhks secretly, as well, when they get bored.

Lameredd: no data readily available. There are several colonies here, but this is a recently (within the past 20-30 years) inhabited planet.
Notable Folk:

  • Antoine Kesh: humanoid, male, Colonial Representative. With a maroonish hue to his skin, Antoine is not exactly human, but his rotund and jocular nature make him amenable to most humans and others among the colonists, which is why he was chosen to represent the colonists to the Empire.

Leritor: mineral-rich Mid Rim world of rolling plains and oceans. The native Sauvax (crab-like humanoids) engaged in aquaculture; Human colonists mined the minerals. About 30 years ago, there was a threat of war between the colonists and the Sauvax when a Professor Rynalla tried to excavate some kind of ancient artifacts on the world. It was eventually resolved, but tensions have remained high between Imperial scientists on the planet and the natives. There is a small Imperial human settlement & starport on the planet, which the Sauvax begrudgingly use to trade their minerals for basic technology parts that they then build into items better suited for their biology.

Pii System: A star system centered around the star Pii and containing seven orbiting planets and two separate asteroid belts. It was sold to a Corulag entrepreneur, Zebulon Chesterfield III, when preliminary mining expeditions were fruitless. His company has managed to turn great profit in the region, though his methods are rumored to be somewhat… harsh.

Rodia: Home planet of the Rodian species (Greedo). A rainforested, industrialized planet, the cities of Rodia are built on waterways and protected with environmental shields – bubble domes that surround all habitation structures and allow entry and exit for vehicles and vessels. These domes also protect from the extreme temperatures of the planet. Rodians are known for two things: their tracking ability and their theater. There is a large mega-theater in the Rodian capital that many wealthy off-worlders travel long and far to attend.

Roon: Located in an impenetrable cosmic dust cloud ominously referred to as the Cloak of the Sith, easily navigable routes to Roon had long been lost. It is also surrounded by a lethal ring of asteroids and meteors, and official Imperial decrees have labeled the planet Extremely Dangerous. Imperial patrols in the region will also fine anyone caught trying to travel to this planet.
Slicer Info: Word is that there are actually some very valuable stones on this planet, prized by treasure hunters since the first days of the Old Republic. For some reason, though, the Empire has redacted and destroyed all known reports of the history of this planet.

Ryloth: Also called “Twi’lek Prime”, it is a rocky planet that is home to the Twi’lek species. One side of the planet perpetually faces its sun and the other remains in darkness, a phenomenon known as tidal locking. The dayside is referred to as the Bright Lands and the night-side is known as the Nightlands. This tidal locking creates very violent weather patterns, and the civilizations of Ryloth live in underground structures as a result. The slave trade has been an everyday part of life on Ryloth for millennia and persisted long after its contact with the Republic sometime about 10,000 years ago. Many of the feudal lords that run the planet (under the administration of the Empire, of course) will freely sell their own people for the right price, esp the highly-prized dancing Twi’lek slave girls.

Notable Folk:
*Tol Sivron: twi’lek, male – brilliant scientist who sold his people out to run Maw Installation
*Jeb Stulari: human, male – appointed Imperial administrator of the planet

Siskeen: A temperate planet with many transplanted off-world sentient races. The Confederacy of Independent Systems had a large military presence here before the Galactic Republic defeated them during the Clone Wars. Still, the planet and surrounding system is popular with military scrap-hunters, though the actual population now supports the Empire whole-heartedly.

Tatooine: If there’s a bright center of the universe, this is the planet that it’s farthest from.
Notable Folk:
*Jabba: hutt, male – ruthless crime lord
*Lakshmi Erudite: human, female – Imperial administrator of the planet
*Blotto: toydarian, male – smarmy manager of Dead Star Records, which manages most music groups on planet; also nephew to Watto

Tythe/Nelvaan Two planets very close together, neither of much import these days. Tythe used to be the home to natural plasma resources, but the LiMerge Power company stripped it of all natural beauty, and of most of the plasma in the planet. Anakin Skywalker later destroyed the LiMerge facilities while giving in to his rage fighting Count Dooku. Nearby Nelvaan is a frigid world, home to the primitive Nelvaanian species (who physically resemble stone-aged Bothans). During the Clone Wars, it had a droid presence there and served as a base for the Techno Union, until Anakin Skywalker destroyed it. These days both planets are unused, and the Nelvaanians are left to their own primitive ways (though they still revere Anakin as their prophesied “Ghost Hand”). Note that the Anakin info is not common knowledge, I’m just including it for your benefit.

Neighboring Sectors

Abrion Sector

Bothan Space

Doldur Sector

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