Laws of the Galaxy

These are the various things you are supposed to (or not supposed to be doing). Note that each planet may also have its own local laws, though Imperial Laws usually trump those… assuming the local cops recognize the Empire.

Imperial Laws

These will apply pretty universally throughout the galaxy.

  • All human Imperial citizens are generally accorded the right to life and freedom from harassment by non-humans
  • Nonhumans may apply for and be granted citizenship, though there is a required Imperial loyalty oath and citizenship test, and their rights are still less than those granted to human citizens.
  • Imperial Authority is the final word on any dispute of law.
  • Any citizen may be drafted into service at the behest of a ranking Imperial officer or authority. Failure to report for duty is a crime.
  • Treason is the highest crime in the Empire, punishable by death.
  • Murder of a human is a crime punishable by death (for nonhumans) or imprisonment (for humans).
  • Thievery is a crime, with punishments depending on the value of the theft, whether or not the victim/thief was a human citizen, and how tied to the Empire the victim was.
  • Failure to follow any reasonable instructions by Imperial Authorities is a crime. “Reasonable” is a term that can vary widely by situation, though.
  • Imperial Authorities pursuing known lawbreakers may ignore any laws necessary to stop the immediate threat to the public welfare.
  • Weapon ownership laws generally follow the rarity guidelines… anything 6+ needs to be registered, anything 8+ is always illegal.
  • Regional Governors may set their own legal priorities within their home region, and may alter sentences as required by that region’s political & social environment.

Droid-Related Laws
In the wake of the clone wars, many anti-droid laws were passed as the Empire solidified from the remnants of the Old Galactic Republic. The recent “Republic Day Massacres” have prompted many additional anti-droid laws to be passed, as well.

  • NEW: Any droid mentioning droid rights may be eliminated at will.
  • NEW: Any droid refusing to install Empirisoft patch 2600 or other mandated software (as defined in sub-chapter Q, section 23) may be eliminated at will.
  • NEW: In Imperial facilities, all droids must be accompanied by a living chaperone at all times.
  • NEW: No droid is allowed to carry weapons in Imperial facilities, excluding specific military operations as outlined in sub-chapter C, section 2
  • NEW: Anyone harboring a droid who violates these laws will be considered a traitor to the Empire and may be executed on sight.
  • Droids are considered property, and not sentient individuals, under Imperial Law
  • All droids are required to have memory wipes at least once every 6 months.
  • Droids must have a registered owner on-file with Imperial Records
  • Combat programming in any droid must be registered in Imperial Records and approved by the regional authority of any region in which that droid resides
  • Official Imperial safety software is to be installed on any droids with combat purposes.
  • Droids with internal weapons are HIGHLY restricted, requiring approval of Regional Governor and other registrations. Most such droids are Imperial Property.
  • Controlling behavior-linking of multiple droid units together (i.e., like the Battle Droid army units) without Imperial-registered shut-down codes is an imprisonable crime.


Many laws ensure that the Empire is properly funded.

  • All commerce is subject to Imperial Taxation.
  • Movement of legally registered goods from one planet to another is subject to shipping taxes based on the value of the goods.
  • Movement of unregistered goods is a crime, and such goods and the ships they are carried on are subject to Imperial confiscation and/or destruction. Individuals involved in such activities (i.e., “smugglers”) are subject to fines, imprisonment, and/or termination, as determined by Imperial Authorities on-site.
  • Giving money to or doing business with traitorous organizations is tantamount to treason.

Ship-Related Laws

Most of these make reasonable sense.

  • All ships with hyperdrive capability are required to have an Imperial-approved hyperdrive signature, registered in Imperial Records, which will transmit and identify any ship to Imperial vessels in the region. Such hyperdrives must also maintain approved Imperial software update status to ensure proper star chart information downloads and processor performance. NOTE: This means that having a “fake” ship designation on your hyperdrive is a big no-no.
  • Ships without hyperdrives are also “supposed” to have transponders that identify them, but this is very rarely enforced, as most are just planetary transport vessels that are of little concern to the Empire.
  • Ships are allowed to have weapons (to stop piracy), but such weapons must be registered with Imperial Records. Bigger & badder ship weapons may be illegal, depending on rarity and output. We’ll deal with this if it ever comes up.
  • Firing on an Imperial Ship is considered treason.
  • Any ship floating in space that has lost engine power and has no living human occupants is considered to be abandoned salvage, and is claimable by anyone with a licensed Imperial Salvage Permit (which must be paid for and renewed annually).

Order 66

A carry-over from the Galactic Republic’s Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation, Orders 1 Through 150, Order 66 stated: “In the event of Jedi officers acting against the interests of the Republic, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Chancellor), GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) until a new command structure is established.”

This has carried over into Imperial Law, making membership in a “Jedi” order or claiming to be a “Jedi” a crime. Owning a light saber or trading in Adegan crystals is also illegal, and all of these acts are considered High Treason, punishable by death (unless special dispensation from the Emperor himself has been given). However, these Jedi-related laws are not well-known among most Imperial soldiers/officials. It’s more of a case of them being on the books to justify Vader’s slaughter of hundreds of Jedi.

Arkanis Sector Laws

Governor Coventry has made it clear that Treason is his focus, and that anyone snitching on rebel “terrorist” activity may be shown leniency in the application of other laws.

Because of his time serving under Grand Admiral Thrawn, Governor Coventry appears to be more lenient about nonhumans, even having several in his employ and under his command.


Laws of the Galaxy

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