Major Players of the Region

There are lots of power brokers in the region and surrounding areas. Here are a few. While not all of their information may be public, members of the party may have reason to know the details of many of their backgrounds.

Lieutenant Jackson “Jax” Coventry – Human, male, (soon to be) Regional Governor of Arkanis Sector

The game will begin with a trip to the inauguration ball wherein Coventry will become Regional Governor.

A former Imperial Special Forces Agent (his actual title was “Lieutenant”, and those who know him from that time will still use that title), it is rumored that Coventry was commanded to take a “desk job” as the governor of this new expanded sector by his old commanding officer, whom he greatly respects. He walks with a limp from a battle injury, though he clearly does not allow this to be a sign of weakness. By the way, the public parts of his duty log show that he served under a Grand Admiral Thrawn in the outer Rim, though most of his record has been redacted (spec forces stuff and all).

Coventry hails from the planet Alderaan, though gossip says he left to go into Imperial training because there were too many anti-Imperial “criminal groups” gathered there. It is said that he has also disowned his own family, likely because of their ties to “questionable” folks on Alderaan, but no one with any sense ever brings this up in his presence.

Jabba – Hutt, male, Tatooine, Crime Lord

A ruthless crime lord, though he is consistent, which likely makes his presence acceptable to the Empire. The major player in Spice trade in the sector, he also runs a decent slave trade.

Zebulon Chesterfield III Human, Pii System, wealthy entrepeneur & loyal Imperial zealot.

Zebulon’s corporations own the entire Pii System, which is rich in minerals. The Chesterfield Mining Corp reaps the largest benefits, though he has small space stations throughout the sector where many other Chesterfield companies thrive (mostly serving miners). Zebulon is also known to have the largest collection of Emperor Palpatine memorobilia outside of the Core worlds, and is said to be one of the pre-eminent scholars on the great man known as our Emperor. Of course, while it’s all technically private property, “Lord” Chesterfield pays taxes to the Empire and serves as the Imperial administrator of the region, and the storm trooper barracks and TIE wings in the system all ultimately answer to him.

The Plague unknown, female, somewhere in Arkanis sector, sell-out slicer

The individual known as “The Plague” (or sometimes “Lady Plague”) is a slicer of some repute in the region, but specifically she’s known because corporations have hired her to take aggressive action against slicers who’ve tried to infiltrate their systems. She’s also known to play extremely dirty… creating Imperial death warrants for some foes, giving others huge debts in the systems of whatever merchants they deal with, etc. Particularly savvy slicer foes are sometimes found with their throats slit, suggesting she might also have an assassin or two on retainer that she can call for particular jobs. The really weird thing, though, is the only a few corporate CEOs have ever actually met The Plague. Even the secretaries of those CEOs, and security camera footage from outside those CEOs’ offices, have failed to ever see this enigmatic (but well-paid) individual. Most slicers will dislike a corporate shill, but few are willing to openly mock The Plague, for fear of her reprisal.
UPDATE: As of the [[Ep 22: Quieting the Riot | 7/24 game]], we learned that The Plague is actually a Chiss, who was working with the Bakura Mining Corporation and the droid designer Dr. Naede.

Ghostmind cyborg(human?), male, somewhere in Arkanis sector, famous slicer

Generally thought to be an older human with significant cybernetic brain upgrades, Ghostmind’s signature move is hacking the AIs of droids in areas he’s breaking into, then using their bodies to walk in to connect to systems directly. How he does this is still a matter of great debate in the slicer, security, and droid communities, and many sentient droids actually see Ghostmind as a kind of boogey man… if he can hack your AI, what does that do to your independence/self? Overall he’s not known for any overt politics one way or the other, though he’s hit Imperial, Rebel, and independent sites seemingly without care for their affiliation. In-GAME: Ghostmind may have had something to do with the “Republic Day Massacre” that happened in the [[Ep 21: The Final Countdown | Late July games]].

High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne cyborg (near human) male, known to be patrolling the division of space that includes the Arkanis Sector.

Former student of Lord Vader, Tremayne is the founder of the Inquisitorius, Lord Vader’s personal project to ferret out Jedi sympathizers and anti-imperialists after Order 66 had run its course. Tremayne is known to be a master torturer, and it is rumored that his cyborg eye can see minute skin fluxuations and other “tells”, making him a living lie detector. It is also rumored that Darth Vader taught Tremayne some of the ancient torture techniques of a lost religion, but who can believe rumors like that?
Ship: The Interrogator, Imperial II class Star Destroyer

IG-90 assassin (?) droid, Head of Imperial Information Dissemination Operations

A base body model that looks very similar to IG-88, but with the red armor of Imperial Guards (with the cape), IG-90 is surprisingly friendly, or so it seems. It’s ultimate goal is the dissemination of information that will protect the Empire, including (as the party witnessed in [[Ep 10: Dead Vader | Episode 10]]) the propogation of the lie that Darth Vader did not die at the Battle of Yavin, but instead was the hero of the battle, single-handedly destroying the Terrorist Rebel super-weapon.

Motoko enlightened pleasure droid, Rebel sympathizer, droids rights activist

Coated with enough synth-skin to serve the purposes of her original creator, Motoko has achieved full sentience and now actively seeks the furtherance of droids rights and the downfall of the Empire.
IN GAME: The party first met Motoko on Kowak, in the company of the rebels hiding out there. She joined the party/was owned by IG-74 briefly, and eventually left the party on Bespin, departing with Han Solo, Chewbacca, & C-3PO in their faked “escape” from the party.

Tol Sivron Twi’lek, male, Ryloth area, Administrator (under Imperial rule) of Maw Installation

The Maw installation used Twi’lek slave labor in its construction, and Tol Sivron was personally placed in charge of the facility by Grand Moff Tarkin. He’s a brilliant scientist, one of the few aliens respected among the largely human Empire, and seen by most Twi’leks as a traitor to the race. The Maw Installation, located among asteroids near a black hole close to Ryloth, is known as an Imperial Weapons facility (though what, exactly, they do there is anyone’s guess). Many folks don’t even know the details of what/where the Maw installation is (though members of the party have heard rumors), but everyone knows that Tol Sivron is a power-hungry scientist who sold out to the Empire. Think of the Maw as a less well-publicized Area 51 of Imperial Space.

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Major Players of the Region

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