Other Galactic Characters

Some of the other folks you’ve met in your journeys.

Ahsoka Tano
Female, Togruta. Currently “somewhere else” in the galaxy, she is a former Jedi who went into hiding during the Clone Wars and has now managed to contact Moss through the Force. She knows Gungi (see below), and is trying to meet with both Moss and Gungi (though not Yoda).

Andes Rikehead
Human, male. A mechanic friend of the party and former general from the Clone Wars era, he’s a paranoid old koot with a syber-enhanced brain, a moving ship-repair facility/home on a comet, and a love of air vents.

A protocol droid. Currently on board the stolen Arkanis ship, which is controlled by the NK-necrosis and its IG companions.

RIP. Wookie, male. Traveling companion of Han Solo. Hijacked a cargo ship full of explosives and ran it on a suicide run into the main deck of the super star destroyer Executor to take revenge for the assassination of his son, Lumpawaroo, on Kashyyyk.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Chiss, male. Imperial Grand Admiral taking charge of the fleet above Kashyyyk.

Wookiee, male. A former Jedi-in-training who was living a life of seclusion as a minister in Bothan space, he went to Kashyyyk during the trouble there, and is now with the party. His missing right arm was replaced by a cybernetic arm that IG purchased for him, though it is a human-sized arm, and thus several inches shorter than his other wookiee arm.

Han Solo
RIP. Human, male. A well-known rebel and galactic scoundrel who shot Lord Vader’s TIE fighter at the Yavin battle. Flies the Millennium Falcon, which he’s painted to look like the party’s old ship, the Krayt Fang. Fenn famously declared catching Solo “my number 1 priority” on Imperial TV. In reality, the party has started working with Solo, passing coded messages so that Fenn can “just miss” catching him in his various pursuits. Died on Kashyyyk, when (Darth) Odds blasted the brains out of his stunned, sleeping form.

Lando Calrissian
Human, male. Administrator of Cloud City on Bespin, he’s a secret friend of Han Solo who also became drinking buddies with Odds Token when the party [[Ep 14: Dinner in the Clouds | visited]] Cloud City.

Mara Jade
RIP. Human, female. Former Emperor’s Hand, force sensitive, working for Talon Karrde on Kashyyyk. Died while defending Moss from the murderous rest of the party, when a cloaked IG snuck up behind her and bisected her with point blank blaster fire.

Ssi-Ruu, male. A golden-scaled pariah who joined with the party as they left LV-426. Likely Force-sensitive, he had dreams with coordinates for Dagobah in them. The party ignored his requests to go to these coordinates, however, and he was last seen allying himself with two Noghri and making an escape from the ice palace of Zebulon Chesterfield III. It is currently likely that he does not have a high opinion of the party, who effectively imprisoned him.

Recomissioned Battle Droid Pilot. Missing hands. Currently on board the stolen Arkanis ship, which is controlled by the NK-necrosis and its IG companions.

Talon Karrde
Human. Crime lord & dashing space pirate. First encountered “hiding” among slaver ships above Kashyyyk. He seems to not be a fan of the current Empire, though his motives seem more profit-based than philosphical. So far he’s been friendly to the party.

Wookiee, male. Slicer (w/ cybernetic face/neck) who was working with a group to take over Rikehead’s comet base, The Phoenix Nest". The party fought them off, and URL escaped. Later joined the Rebellion with the Wookiee resistance on Kashyyyk, and is now an ally of the party and letting them fly with him in the “Denial of Service” on the condition that Fenn make him “as famous as you are.”

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Other Galactic Characters

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