Pii System

A star system centered around the star Pii and containing seven orbiting planets and two separate asteroid belts. It was sold to a Corulag entrepreneur, Zebulon Chesterfield III, when preliminary mining expeditions were fruitless. His company has managed to turn great profit in the region, though his methods are rumored to be somewhat… harsh.


Portabella Cluster
A collection of starships that have sort of docked together into a large floating mall, the Portabella cluster is the premiere shopping area for miners from Chesterfield’s mining operations. It is comprised of two capital-scale ships from before the Clone Wars… both ancient Hammerhead-class cruisers that were decommissioned and whose weapons had long since failed. Chesterfield bought them both on the cheap, and then offered cheap retail real-estate to entrepenuers who wanted to sell to his men.
There are numerous shops, all selling mining-related stuff or things that miners would want. They include:
- Cid’s Spaceships: reasonable prices from a fairly honest human from Bakura
- Amanuensis: a antiquities shop run by an ancient Weequay whose name is… unknown. Most just refer to him as “Weequay”, and he doesn’t talk much (which is common for his species). But he seems to appreciate old and rare stuff.
- Miner Excitements: a brothel/whorehouse ship overseen by “Madame” Z69, a medical droid with an attitude
- The Bottomless Pit: Dive bar
- The Endless Vein: Better bar
- Hot Slag: greasy diner
- Wookie’s Teacup: “exotic” restaurant w/ lots of racially specific delicacies
- Gasser’s Repair: ship & machinery repair shop
- The Wretched Hive: Dive bar & dance club
- Paper Texts: proprietor of actual books, overseen by protocol droid C2-PG & elderly human lady Oghma Ioun.

Chesterfield’s Estate
A lush & lavish home with a clear dome overlay to allow visitors to see distant mining operations as well as the artificial sunlight. Well-kept grounds (not unlike that rich guy’s place from the Lasiter episode of Firefly). It also features the Palpatine Museum, a grand display of various artifacts from the Emperor’s long life.

The Mining Zones
The majority of the Pii sector is made up of asteroid clusters with various mining rigs attached to them, all owned by Zebulon Chesterfield III.

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Pii System

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