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Misc Star Wars & other awesomeness…

Useful guide for watching the Clone Wars series in order.

Star Wars Name Guide. Pretty freakin’ hilarious.

Alternate Lightsaber Combat Guide. It should be much deadlier, much faster.

Useful infographic:

Star Wars tributes & parodies. Good times. The sad thing is that I remember when most of these came out.

I kind of want to find a way to implement this game as a visualization of the Computers checks we make. Looks kind of awesome: Glitch Space

Details of Darth Vader’s Armor/Suit

Imperial Propaganda Posters

Disney Princesses as Star Wars characters

Weird foreign & rare Star Wars posters

Twi’lek Burlesque

Open Letter from Death Star Architect

Ship size comparison chart

#1 in this Cracked article equates the Millennium Falcon to a cheeseburger

Explanation for storm troopers’ apparently horrible aim

Just-Found footage from 1979. Lost Star Wars mini-film: Black Angel.


Random Awesomeness

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