Recent History

A page listing some events in recent history that you would likely be aware of. Most Star Wars history is measured in years before or after the Battle of Yavin, which hasn’t happened in our world (yet). So for now, I’ll just say “X years ago”.

The Rebel Alliance Forms – Corellia, 2 years ago
After the death of Galen Marek, a key political dissident who had been organizing disparate anti-Imperial groups, the Treaty of Correllia is signed, giving birth to the Rebel Alliance and beginning the Galactic Civil War.

Outpost Kwi-Gon – Bothan space, 5 years ago
About 5 years ago, there was an anti-Imperial base located inside a large asteroid in Bothan Space. Bothan Spynet used it quite a bit, though it was also home to a bunch of non-Bothan rebels, including some historians who had records from the Old Republic, banned documents that they had saved from Imperial data purges. Unfortunately, someone let the location slip to the Empire somehow, and a team of elite Imperial assassins broke in and killed everyone, leaving explosives to destroy the base afterward. About a year later, the debris started raining down on a main ocean on Bothawui, which disrupted the fishing industry on the planet for several seasons. While this probably gave more reason for Bothans to dislike the Empire, it also served as a stark reminder of what happens to “terrorists”. Anyone who complained about the environmental damage was heavily vetted and watched by the Empire as a potential rebel, which meant that most people did not complain. This is one of the main battle cries for Bothans who eventually joined the Rebellion.

The Great Purge Falleen, 7 years ago
An Imperial bombardment, sanctioned by certain Falleen leaders, slaughters over 200,000 Falleen to stop the spread of a biological warfare agent/disease. Not all Falleen are necessarily “on board” with this, especially those who lose family in the bombardment.

Imperial Droid Administration Decree, Core Worlds, 10 years ago
This was an official law passed during the Clone Wars, declaring that no droid could hold a political office in the Empire, and that no droid could hold military rank over human soldiers. This didn’t mention holding rank over non-humans, though, which was somewhat upsetting to non-human species.

Birth of the Galactic Empire, galaxy-wide, 19 years ago
Emperor Palpatine, a senator from Naboo, heroically took power from the corrupt council that ran the Old Republic, and created the more perfect union that we know today as the Galactic Empire. Historians agree that this move likely also saved billions of people from destruction during the Clone Wars, which had raged violently for years until the Emperor brought an end to the rebels and restored relative peace in the galaxy.


Recent History

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