Starships You've Met

A list of the various starships you’ve run into, and the folks associated with them.

Your Ship(s)

The Arkanis
NO IMAGE: I’m cool with you guys deciding what this looks like. There are no online images available for this ship type (the only near-image being a rather lame one of a regular assault transport from the SW:Rebellion video game).
Type: 4R3 light assault transport
Modifications: none
Status: active, purchased new from Cid in the Pii System
Designed to look like an unarmed light transport, this ship was created to deal with pirates. Armed with hidden weaponry, this ship packs a surprise to any who get close to it.

Imperial Ships

The Zealot

Type: Inderdictor Class Star Destroyer
Captain: Admiral Harmon Jekt, male human
Status: Active
- Largest Imperial ship in Arkanis Sector
- Equipped with gravity wells that can forcibly pull ships out of warp

The Nova

Type: (experimental) Nebula Class Star Destroyer
Captain: Cpt Jessa Tower, female human
Status: Active
- Governor Coventry’s flagship in Arkanis Sector
- Equipped with perhaps 4 times the firepower of a typical star destroyer
- Smaller (only about 65% size) than typical star destroyer
- Experimental design, one of maybe 5 in existence right now. The Governor arranged for it through his extensive military connections.

The Unerring & The Obedience

Type: Imperial Class Star Destroyers
Captains: ?
Status: Active
- The other two star destroyers assigned to the Arkanis Sector
- Gov. Coventry sent these two ships to bombard Rodia after the attempt on his life

The Interrogator

Type: Imperial II class Star Destroyer
Status: Active, last seen in Yavin system
- High Inquisitor Tremayne’s flagship
- Moss left an annoying virus on this ship’s systems while accessing from its 10-Forward lounge

Independent Ships

The Black Phoenix

Type: CE-3 freighter
Captain: Andes Reikhead, male human (w/ cyber brain implants)
- Excessively large cargo bay (big enough to hold ships up to size 5 within it)
- Looks kind of like a massive freighter version of Xizor’s ship, pictured above (same basic design, with the folding fins, just larger scale and fewer weapons)
- Andes has given his contact info to the party, and says he’s happy to do any modifications for a reasonable price

The Phoenix Nest
Notes: Not really a “ship”, but Andes Rikehead’s comet-bound ship maintenance facility, which does not appear on maps, but can be found via an algorithm (which he gave the party).

The Lucre

Type: Scavenger ship? Modified med freighter
Captain: Zidane, male Toydarian
Crew: – Hesper, female human pilot
– other random spacers/“salvage retrieval specialists”
- weird termite design (similar to the picture, but not exact), w/ ion cannons & cutting arms inside two “pincer” parts, used to strip salvaged ships of their good stuff. Also has a bigger cargo section in back of ship (just add another squarish pod behind the round part of the picture).
- probably not pirates, but willing to do what it takes to make a buck.
- repaired the Stout’s hyperdrive in the Yavin system, replacing the power board with one scavenged from a ship identifying as “Gold 3”.

Your Former Ships

The Krayt Fang

Type: YT-1300 light freighter
Modifications: advanced targeting system, adds 1 blue die to all gunnery checks
Status: sold to Cid in the Pii System
A standard YT-1300 freighter with some weaponry. Formerly belonged to a Trex, a Trandoshan bounty hunter.

The Imperial Stout

Type: CSS-1 Star Shuttle
Modifications: hidden ion cannons (light), tractor beam, replaced power card on Hyperdrive with used one from a ship called “Gold 3”
Status: sold to Cid in the Pii System
A larger ship, given to the party by Arkanis Sector Governor Jackson Coventry for use in their mission as “Imperial Good Will Ambassadors” throughout the region. Good shields & armor. Cargo bay is very customizable & configurable, though.


Starships You've Met

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