Threats Near and Far

These are the various enemies and “problems” you’ve run into in your treks across the galaxy.

The Empire
Sort of an ongoing threat/employer/frenemy…? They rule the galaxy right now. With the death of most of the Rebellion at the battle of Yavin, there are not many remaining credible threats to the Empire.
- Emperor Palpatine: human, the supreme ruler of the Empire
- “Darth Vader”: actually a clone, but only you all know that. Near-human (Chiss?)
- High Inquisitor Tremayne: human, a dark Jedi who trained under Vader
- IG-90: a calculating former (?) assassin droid that manages Imperial PR
- Admiral Thrawn: Chiss, only non-human Imperial Admiral, and returning to Core Worlds as of June 2014 rumors
- Governor Jackson “Jax” Coventry, regional governor of the Arkanis Sector, where y’all are based out of.

Pirates: The Torrent
So far the only space pirates you’ve met were at [[Ep8: Comet and Cupid | Rikehead’s comet home]]. They rode a ship called The Torrent, and while you killed Captain Napster, their slicer/2nd-in-command, the wookie URL, escaped with the ship & some crew, so he may be back to torment the party later.

The Ssi-Ruuk
A strange race of space velociraptors from beyond the edge of Wild Space outside the known galaxy, the party encountered members of this species on the planetoid LV-426 while on an [[Ep 16: Wasteland Trek | investigation mission]] for Zebulon Chesterfield III. This species is completely unknown to Imperial (or Old Republic) records. The party has all of the known information about them.

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Threats Near and Far

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