A long time ago in a star system even farther away…

This is the home page for Heroes of a Distant Star, a Star Wars roleplaying game using Fantasy Flight’s Edge of Empire (and supplements) rules for roleplaying in the Star Wars universe.

We play most every Thursday night at a home in Ludlow, MA.

Our game began out on the fringe of Imperial space, in an expanded version of the Arkanis Sector (see the Map of the Known Universe for context). A new Regional Governor (an Imperial ex-Spec Forces Agent) had just been installed in the sector, to take tighter control since the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. Since then it’s gone to the edges of the galaxy & back, and is currently centered around a Wookieee rebellion on Kashyyyk.

Timeline-wise, we are currently immediately after the events of Episode 4, though news of the movie events will be heavily filtered, since I was a journalism major and know all about governments controlling the media. There are rumors and information, though, for those willing to search the holo-grids and other data sources.

Also, in our universe things didn’t go as well on Yavin as they did in the film. The massive explosion of the Death Star caused radiation poisoning and death to most rebels on the surface of Yavin, and most ships in the area. We know that Han Solo, Chewie, 3-PO, and the Falcon survived, as the party has run into them. The party also found Vader dead in his out-of-control TIE fighter, though a secret imposter has been installed to keep up the appearance of Vader’s presence to the public. The rest of the Rebellion is little more than a memory now, and if a new Rebellion is to rise, the party will need to take a prominent role. We are breaking new ground here…

More will definitely be added as time goes on.

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