Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 18: Life Debts

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 90

[still working on this]
We began at the dramatic moment we left off on last week, with Suul holding the blade of his weapon to Ssi-Ruuvi General Siir-han’s throat. Schwer-Chi, the pariah Ssi-Ruuvi priest, and the other two Ssi-Ruuvi generals, Guan Yu & Lu Bu, looked on anxiously, with Odds watching from a little ways off on the speeder bike. Meanwhile, the rest of the party was inside the mining facility, scavenging parts to repair the ship while trying to not get attacked by the Ssi-Ruuk who’d overtaken the facility.

Suul demanded “Yield!”, which was translated by Schwer-Chi’s translator pad. For a brief moment, Siir-Han said nothing. Then he conceded “I admit that you have defeated me this time.” He rose, and after receiving some rather brutal first aid on his jaw from Guan Yu, moved off out of the territory that was now claimed by Suul. Odds rode up to join Suul, and the other two generals began a not-very-comfortable staring contest with our heroes, sizing them up.

The party moved into


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