Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 28: Zerg Rush

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 135 (plus the 25 from Mike before I started GMing)

[still updating]
Down in the tunnels of Geonosis, IG-74 climbed out of his escape pod to see many large, bug-like, chitin-covered “things” bearing down on him. He blasted the smaller ones (zerglings), but soon saw that there were larger creatures behind them (hydralisks), which spat acid.

Back near the site of the crashed ship, the party saw a swarm of those smaller creatures take Blip & his droid away down a different passage. Javert went down to eventually join-up with IG-74, tag-teaming the hydralisks & destroying them. They then…
[still working on this]


drakowulf joelastowski

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