Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 32: A Meeting Moved Up

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 155 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)
Game Date: Nov 6, 2014

We began by discussing Brian/Moss’s return next week, which explained our slight detour in plots. We also decided that we’d begin each session by reading the recap from the last session or two, just to make sure everyone was on the same page.

The Governor sent a message to Fenn letting him know that High Inquisitor Tremayne had moved up the date of their meeting/inspection, and that Fenn was to report back to certain coordinates in the Arkanis Sector ASAP. The party briefly discussed bringing the one-armed Wookiee force user Minister Gungi with them to meet (and hopefully fight) Tremayne, but decided against it when they saw that he was still mastering the calming anti-rage techniques the Mace Windu holocron was trying to teach him. The party told his protocol/clerical droid that they’d be back in a little while to retrieve him.

Dropping out of Hyperspace, the party saw both Coventry’s flagship, The Nova, and Tremayne’s star destroyer, the Interrogator.

The ship landed in a hangar bay on the Nova, only to see red-armbanded inspection teams going over EVERYTHING. The Nova’s Captain, Jessa Tower, had been relegated to a meaningless Greeter & Inspector Baby-Sitter role, which she clearly did not enjoy. Fenn & Suul came off the ship, while giving the rest of the crew (specifically IG-74) orders to kill anyone who came on board. Unfortunately, the inspection crew demanded to come on board. Jessa ran interference, mentioning some obscure clearance level that the Inspector did not have. When the idea of Jessa running the inspection was raised, Fenn bypassed the problem by mentioning that his ship had been to the (now quarantined) Geonosis recently. This got rid of the Inspectors, who decided to inspect the outside of the ship instead. Jessa then said she’d personally take responsibility for the Ambassador & his companion and escort them to the Governor. Along the way she quietly mentioned to Fenn that the Governor’s standing order was

They found Gov. Coventry and High Inquisitor Tremayne with an inspector at an air filter sub-station, where it appeared the inspector was trying to “catch” him in incompetence about not knowing some obscure part of his flagship. However, Coventry did know all about air filtration systems, as when he was in Imp Spec Forces, he’d studied up on them for the purpose of poisoning people.

Coventry & Tremayne got into a bit of an argument as Fenn & Suul arrived, with Tremayne calling Coventry weak and Coventry calling Tremayne incompetent. Coventry felt that the Empire (represented by Tremayne) hadn’t sent him the resources he’d asked for to deal with Geonosis. Tremayne felt Coventry hadn’t used what he had been given properly. Coventry said Tremayne was blinded by his stupid religion, and suddenly Coventry was being Force-choked. This caused Suul to pull Fenn’s disruptor pistol & point it at Tremayne. However, Coventry already had his own slug-throwing pistol pointed at Tremayne’s heart.

Tremayne did not call Coventry’s bluff, dropping him to the floor, but Fenn quickly stepped in to try & smooth things over, talking about the issues he’d run into with Samir Duran on Geonosis, as well as mentioning other Force-related things that caught Tremayne’s interest.

Fenn & Tremayne went off to speak alone somewhere else, while Coventry and Suul shared some soldierish small talk (“I like swords.” “I also like swords.” “Swordy sword sword.”). Tremayne heard Fenn out about Samir Duran, mentioning that he & Duran had trained together under Lord Vader, but stating that the last time he’d seen Duran was when Tremayne was throwing him off a cliff after defeating him during training.

Speaking of training, Tremayne offered to train Fenn in the use of the Dark Side. There was a price, however. To prove his loyalty, he had to bring Tremayne the head of his bodyguard, Suul! [DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGER!]

In a brief end-of-episode sidebar, Odds, back on the ship, received a staticky message from Moss asking for help from some “coming darkness” that was approaching him on Dagobah.


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