Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 33: Unwanted, The Darkness Around Them Is

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 160 (plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over)
Game Date: Nov 13, 2014

NOTE: Brian/Moss was back from his long hiatus for this game.

We began with Tremayne & Fenn, still mid conversation. Tremayne had just offered to train Fenn in the Dark Side, provided he killed his bodyguard as a sign of his commitment. Fenn went on about the need for thinking and not acting rashly, about how he had a certain sense of loyalty to Suul. Tremayne responded by asking “You know who else had misguided senses of loyalty? The corrupt Jedi Council that got overthrown.” Fenn tried to act interested, but did not immediately take Tremayne up on his offer. Tremayne tried to sweeten the deal, talking about how if he had a trusted apprentice, and if a Governorship job were to happen to open up, it might be likely to think that such an apprentice might get such a position.

Fenn said he wouldn’t decide now, because he had to get going to Kashyyyk. Tremayne said that there was another one there who might honor the same deal, but that she was “much less approachable than I am.” Fenn GTFOed, met back up with Suul, not responding to the Governor as he called out to him. The two then headed back to the ship.

A cloaked IG-74 had snuck out of the ship when Fenn & Suul had exited, and he now found himself hiding among some cargo at the far end of the bay. An Imperial lifter droid provided his only occasional diversion, as all this cargo appeared to be stuff he was not interested in. Eventually, he found his way back to the ship, getting back into the ship when Fenn & Suul did.

The party then all learned about the message from Moss that Odds had received, and began the long journey to Dagobah to meet up with him.

Exiting hyperspace near the uncivilized planet, the party did a quick orbit to see what was what. Though the heavy mists and dense vegetation on the planet made detailed sensor sweeps impossible, they did find some metal that appeared to be potential starship wreckage. Landing the ships on the only flat ground they could find near these structures, the party realized it was night on this part of the planet. As they exited the ship, though, they were very cautious, and armed, trying to be prepared for any threats that might arise.

Moss heard the ship’s engines, but did not recognize the Arkanis (the party got it after he was left on Bakura), so he ran off to wake Master Yoda while the clone troopers grabbed weapons & hid, prepared for conflict.

Unfortunately, Roger’s voice came over the loudspeaker to tell Fenn about some sensor anomalies he was experiencing… but the sound of a battle droid’s voice made the clone troopers, who still feel as if the war is on, think that Fenn & co were Separatists. They started firing, which caused IG and others to fire back, and somehow a building got burned down by a droid-mounted flame thrower that happened to go off accidentally on purpose. The clone troopers scattered into the woods, and the rest of the party fanned out to make sure they were gone before rallying back at the ship. IG, cloaked, headed towards the hut that Moss & a small humanoid were slowly walking from.

Yoda sensed a great darkness nearby, even though Moss tried to explain to him that the party were all his friends (well, mostly). When IG de-cloaked right next to Yoda with a giant sword in his hand and the sith flask radiating darkness from inside him, Yoda reacted quickly and light-saber-slashed the sword in half in a panicked instant. As Moss tried to calm things down, Fenn & the others came up to (hopefully) further lessen tensions.

We ended the session with the party taking a rest, though Moss had to take his old bed on the ship, since his sleeping hut on Dagobah had been burned down. The next game will begin morning on Dagobah, where Moss will have some tests to perform to prove his training did not fall on deaf ears.


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