Heroes of a Distant Star

EP 43: Aftermaths

Don't make the mistakes I did...

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 215 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 240
Game Date: 3/5/2015

NOTE: The Ducharmes (Javert & Odds) were not present for this game, so we decided that Odds’ body went into shock from his massive, face-losing injuries, and that Javert spent the session using field medicine techniques to try & keep him stable.

We also discussed some rules that we haven’t been using fully, like suffering strain if you end up with net Disadvantages on a check, and using Destiny Points to create plot-driving minor “facts” about the story.

We began just prior to the ship taking off. A golden glint on the ground showed C-3PO waddling towards the Arkanis. IG ran out to grab him & bring him back into the ship, then de-activated him & shoved him in a closet.

Meanwhile, Moss had locked himself in his room, with a recurring/recursive virus that perpetually caused multiple ship systems to prevent the door from being opened. Inside, he was meditating, trying to shut out the pain of having felt Han and (especially) Mara just get killed. He was contacted by a distant Force sensitive mind who had been in a similar situation, and had made a choice she thought was a mistake. She counseled Moss not to make the same mistake, and then offered him large amounts of money to offer the party in exchange for rescuing Gungi from the harm that Moss foresaw.

Fenn finally got Moss to open the door, and they talked… like really talked… about where they were going, what was happening to the galaxy, and what role they thought the group should play. The bombardment went off (after they were out of the area), and Fenn talked about how that was a key factor in his wanting to get out of the area quickly.

Flying up to orbit, they saw that Thrawn’s forces were engaged in a massive space battle against several Imperial star destroyers that had remained loyal to the Emperor. Their disjointed nature worked both for and against them, as it stopped Thrawn from predicting moves of a central command, but also prevented them from acting in concert against Thrawn’s fleet. Most of the slaver vessels had also departed, due to the combat.

Fenn decided to take Moss up on the offer of money, and they realized that prior to his death, Han had sent over coordinates for the area where he knew the other wookiee colony to be. Flying down, they realized that it was outside the forest, possibly underwater in a large lake/ocean thing a few miles from Imperial Base Beta. However, it also appeared that with the bombardment on the central forest, most of the Imperial forces had moved to Alpha Base on the other side of the forest, leaving only a skeleton crew at Beta Base.

Some quick Fenn-isms and a hack of a popular online game by Moss allowed the party to bamboozle the Imperial personnel on the comms at Beta Base, and they moved down to the coordinates they had, though all sensors & visual scans showed it to be just open water. Once they got down low enough, the holographic & sensor-hacking field gave way, and they saw that it was a clever ruse, hiding a whole peninsula where a group of about 6 small/mid-sized Mon Cal cruisers (which had likely come closer via underwater travel) were on the ground.

Suddenly, the sensors started going crazy, as they detected multiple shots being fired from the cruisers at the Arkanis! However, there was no visual confirmation of these shots, and the party wondered if perhaps there were stealth fields up on the weapons. The “shots” hit the “ship” on the sensors, creating a big digital explosion on the screen, which faded into the image of a laughing wookiee with a cybernetic implant on half his face… a wookiee the party had med: URL.

We ended with the Arkanis flying in to land at this Rebel/Wookiee base.


drakowulf joelastowski

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