Fenn Kith'ra

Bothan Politico


Fenn Kith’ra is the eldest son of Liska and Iraek Kith’ra. He has a younger brother, Laryn. Fenn was groomed from his youth be on the Bothan Council.

Fenn’s amiable personality easily got him elected to this position.

Fenn’s uncles and cousins secretly run an avabush spice trade network, offworld, but within Bothan Space. Fenn’s dealings in the Council had enabled the spice trade to prosper very well without notice, and his family received kickbacks.

The Imperials came close to busting the operation, but the Bothan Spynet (who Fenn knows a member, Tav Ora’bar) tipped Fenn off, and the bust was unsuccessful.

Fenn’s rival, Koth Dall’ra emerged on to the political scene and privately blackmailed Fenn. He claimed to know details of spice trade (and voiced those claims), and threatened to expose Fenn’s entire family unless Fenn agreed to step down as Councilor and not seek re-election. Koth was easily elected to represent the Ra Clan.

This situation has caused a severe problem for Fenn and his family. Fenn has exiled himself from Bothan Space until he has a solution. He suspects that Koth is an Imperial spy. On a larger scale, he fears for all Bothan-kind. Fenn knows that while Bothans claim neutrality in the Rebellion/Imperial war, Spynet reports to the Rebellion. If this information was to be revealed to Koth during a Council meeting or otherwise, Koth may report to the Empire. The repercussion by the Empire for this act would be devastating.

Fenn does have a trick where he uses slight of hand to secretly administer avabush in to a beverage. He has never been caught doing this, nor has anyone suspected it.

Fenn doesn’t care for the idea of cloning. His mind might be swayed if a profitable situation arose that didn’t involve Bothans.

Fenn hates the Empire. He doesn’t care if non-human species are allowed to be storm troopers/imperial officers.

Fenn thinks droids are unthinking machines and simply servants. Thus a good memory wipe will solve any issues about Droid’s rights.

Since Fenn hates the Empire for ruining his lifestyle, he might engage in a good Jedi tale just to ruffle some feathers of those who would speak negatively about the old Jedi order. His true opinion is that they were likely as bad as the Sith and the Empire.

Fenn only cares about pod racing if he gamble on the outcome. Whether if its a sport or not is irrelevant.

Fenn doesn’t care about inter-species sexual encounters unless they involve Bothans. He believes no Bothan would ever engage in such a sadistic act unless they were under some sort of influence. He believes in Bothan purity. The rest of the galaxy can do as it pleases.

Fenn Kith'ra

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