CD-333 "Fritz"

Droid Big Game Hunter


CD-333, or “Fritz” is a survivalist droid, designed espeially for big game hunters. He is a guide, tracker, porter, game dresser and weapon all in one. He is six feet tall, painted in shades of green, gray, brown and black . He has a large torso built to bare the burden of multiple supplies. He wears a gray scarf/hood which covers his face and shoulders. He also wears a cape made from the furry, black pelt of…? a trophy. His feet are made to travel easily over difficult terrain. His encumberance should be high since he is built to carry supplies. Sometimes he wears war-paint. It was a tradition that his master instilled in him.


Ideas- Was the hunter/survival droid once owened by a wealthy Chiss big game hunter named Huss Kipshaw. Fritz? is a droid designed to accompany a solo hunter or explorer on expeditions to dangerous and exotic locations throughout the galaxy. The droid is a tracker, survivalist, guide, porter, game dresser and hunter all in one. A “swiss army knife” of droids. For over 60 years, Fritz was the sole companion of intrepid explorer and renowned huntsman Huss Kipshaw. He had spent the majority of his “life” on these expeditions. Huss was the heir to the Kipshaw fortune….gotten how? Huss never married and had no children. His life was consumed by “the hunt”, which he adopted as a personal life philosophy. No matter what, “the hunt” must continue. On his last expidition, at the age of 81, Huss Kipshaw, no longer the hale and hearty man he was in his youth, was gored by….some big, mean, horned alien creature? while hunting big game on the wild moon of ? …..wounds from which he eventually succumbed after returning to his ship and his homeworld? he dies of his wounds, in bed with Fritz by his side.. Leaves everything to Fritz His home, full of trophies attained over the course of decades of hunting, his collection of weaponry?. Fritz was his only real friend. It was only while on the hunt that Huss could truely be himself. Fritz became his confidante as well as saving his life on a number of occassions. Fritz once carried Huss over 200 miles out of the forests of Kasyyyk when his master became ill with crimson fever. Another time, Fritz defended his master from an angry tribe of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. Huss was obsessed with “the hunt” and taught Fritz to have reverence for his game but also a near obsessive fixation on his next quarry. Fritz would also skin any animal and harvest whichever parts or trophies Huss wished to capture
On his death bed, and partically delusional from his fever, Huss told Fritz that the hunt must continue forever. His last words were, “Poor Huss’ had an accident. So may you all…”
Fritz was also Huss Kipshaw’s biographer. Who better to tell the tale of Huss’ life and adventures than his most trusted companion.. To this end, Huss had Fritz’s memory periodically saved to the computers at Huss Kipshaw’s home. His home, a mansion by any standards, is located on a tiny moon in Chiss Space called ? The Kipshaw family owns more than a quarter portion of this moon (most of the darkside). This place could be a refuge for the party.
Fritz was programmed to carry on the hunt. The hunt need not be for big game though. The same concept can be applied to bounties and…? any sort of “hunt” Fritz sees things in terms of predator and prey. He has respect for everything he hunts and admires his prey as one player might admire and respect his opponent player. As such, he always tries to make his prey’s end swift and relatively painless. It does not keep him from harvesting parts and trophies. Indeed, it is the harvesting of parts from rare creatures which now drives Fritz. This could be a way for the party to earn credits. Hunting exotic beasts and selling their parts to merchants dealing in strange medicines.. Like the way rhinos are hunted for Chinese medicinal purposes. ….more to follow………….. This could be a way for the group to make money? There could be animals hunted which live on asteroids or tiny, mishapen moons, things which are indigenous to space itself???
Fritz is in search of a new master worthy of his loyalty. Someone who has as much fervor for the hunt as Huss Kipshaw

CD-333 "Fritz"

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