Moss Rurra'ek

Bothan Slicer


Obligation: Betrayal (See story below)

Character history: Moss is a slicer but tends to be a loner. Not very outgoing. Keeps to himself. An introvert. I need more time to develop his origin story prior to joining Spynet, but the story below should be a good start for the campaign.

One Unique Thing: Moss has random visions of future events. These happen during times of rest, mainly when sleeping or meditating. They are infrequent at best, but when they do happen, the visions have amazing detail and clarity.

Moss, a slicer within Spynet (Bothan Intelligence Agency) had been given orders to slice in to a secure server that was home to the Empire’s slave manifests. His primary objective was to determine who the Empire was contracted with in the Slave market. It was becoming more evident that the Empire was these slaves to complete the build of a rather large Imperial space vessel. Races included Wookies, Mon Calamari, & Ugnaughts to name a few.

Moss’ childhood friend and Spynet member, Norr Prisk, had been assigned to assist Moss in this task. Prisk was the impulsive one, jumping in to the fire head first without thinking of the consequences. Moss always did his best to bring balance to both their friendship and work, but that was becoming a nearly impossible task.

When the time came for Moss and Prisk to board an Imperial Star Destroyer rumored to be carrying the Imperial slave manifests, Moss could feel that Prisk was on edge. He again tried to calm him, but this only made Prisk worse. Moss decided now wasn’t the time for discussion and let go of his concern.

Disguised as Imperial Cadets, Moss and Prisk made their way to the main server room. As Moss began to slice his way through the numerous firewalls and security features, an Imperial Admiral followed by a squad of Storm Troopers barged in and flooded the room. Just as Moss reached for his blaster Prisk stepped in front of Moss, facing the Admiral. “This is the spy I told you about Admiral. I’m sure he will be of great value to the Emperor.” Prisk said. Moss, in a state of shock dropped his blaster and lunged at Prisk, swinging wildly. The Admiral, although somewhat amused by the scuffle gave the command to the nearest Stormtrooper to stun Moss and bring him to the interrogation chamber. Moss felt a wicked sting in his spine and blacked out.

When he awoke, he found himself cuffed to a chair staring at Prisk. “You never were quick on the uptake were you Moss?” said Prisk. “All this time I’ve been working my way through the ranks to become an elite spy for the Empire and using all the data I could obtain from Spynet to help the Empire bring an end to this foolish Rebellion. In all our years together as ‘partners’ I became sick and tired of you always trying to calm me.”

“Breathe Prisk. Don’t let your anger control you.” Prisk said in a mocking voice.

Prisk leaned in close to Moss and said " You would much rather be the one controlling me, wouldn’t you Moss". Without hesitation Moss headbutted Prisk, knocking him unconscious and causing him to fall forward. Moss was able to steal the key from Prisk’s front pocket and unlock the cuffs. He quickly locked Prisk in the restraints and made way to the main hangar.

Moss found a freighter currently unguarded and ran for it’s loading ramp. To Moss’ surprise the interior of the ship was lined with cells holding many slaves. He quickly searched the interior of the freighter and found an empty cargo hold below the floor to hide in. He had no clue where he was headed but hoped it would be better than being a prisoner of the Empire.

Moss Rurra'ek

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