Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 11: On the Way to the Governor

"Please don't do this..."

XP Gained: 5

The session began with the party headed away from the Yavin system, with a jury-rigged hyperdrive and a lot of secrets to get straight. Debating what would get told to whom while in hyperspace headed back to Andes’ comet, the group finally came to a sort-of consensus.

Back at the comet, the consensus kind of got thrown to heck when some extracted info from the hyperdrive that Andes fixed, added into the hacked footage Moss had gotten off a star destroyer ruin (which he had up on the holo-screen in the lounge area) showed all the gory details of the Yavin fight. Andes & the droid Motoko saw everything. While the party agreed that Andes was probably too paranoid & crazy to share the knowledge with anyone (he revealed that he keeps crystals in his cybernetic head case to block Imperial mind-control signals from the news), Motoko was more of a problem. She outright told the party, after they instructed her to keep quiet, that she WOULD become more of a liability to the party the more of these kind of secrets she got, because it was not in her nature to keep secret information that could bring about beneficial galactic change.

There were some tense moments as the rest of the party voted to wipe Motoko’s memory, which would have also destroyed the droid rights activist’s personality and “personhood”. IG-74, who technically owns Motoko, stood up for her, though, and eventually convinced the party that he’d take responsibility for her, in the same way that Fenn had taken responsibility for them to Inquisitor Tremayne.

While on the comet, Fenn received word that Governor Coventry was attending a large gala at the home of Zebulon Chesterfield III in the Pii system, and that the party should meet up with him there. Stopping just at the edge of the Pii system, the party docked their two ships at the Portabella Cluster, a gathering of ships that served as a sort of mall for workers in the Pii system. There, the party met up with a starship salesman named Cid, who offered them several choices of new ships, as well as decent trade-in values on their old ships. Odds & Fenn did some price haggling to get better trade-in values, and then Fenn sent a message to Gov Coventry to see if he could get an advance to cover the rest. Coventry gave some terms on financing, and Fenn said he’d call back with final details.

The rest of the session was spent with the party buying misc. sundry items (related to mining) and debating over which of the 4 ships at Cid’s to get. Next session will (hopefully) begin with the party choosing a new ship and then getting moving, as this game took up only the intro paragraph of what was planned for the evening by the GM.


This will be an interesting novel some day. If an introductory paragraph yields three hours of play, you should have no issues getting the book written ;)

Ep 11: On the Way to the Governor
drakowulf joelastowski

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