Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 12: The Palpatine Museum

"Even at this distance, the Emperor's power guided your hands..."

Game Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014

XP Gained: 5

The party finished their dealings in the Portabella Cluster, picking up their new gear and selling off the old artifacts from Jabba to a Weequay named Weequay (they think).

Then they headed to the lavish estate of Zebulon Chesterfield III to attend this large party where the Governor was making an appearance. The party went through security protocols,

Wandering through Zebulon’s “Palpatine Museum”, they learned some irrelevant tidbits about his home planet of Naboo, and saw several old artifacts from Palpatine’s early years, including a picture entitled “Emperor Palpatine at age 15, with Muun businessman Hego Damask, whom he apprenticed under in business management.”

The party also chatted it up with “Face” Loran, a hotshot Imperial movie star who sounded like he was having Rebel sympathies. His drunken dude-bro friends got a kick out of getting punched by IG-74, whom they believed was the famous bounty hunter IG-88. It did not end well for them, though they hardly noticed.

The session ended with an assassination attempt on Zebulon & the Governor by some rodian “dancing girls” who actually turned out to be trained assassins. While Meff Trelio was, unfortunately, killed in the early fighting, a new hero, the Weequay Suul, stepped up to take care of most of the assassins, earning praise from the Governor & Zebulon, and also eventually getting a spot on Fenn’s team as his bodyguard.


drakowulf joelastowski

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