Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 14: Dinner in the Clouds

Game Date: May 22, 2014
XP Gained: 5

Our game began on Bespin, mid-conversation with Cloud City’s administrator, Lando Calrissian. He had just ordered dinner to be served, and the party was settling down to Cloud City’s best interpretation of Bothan delicacies (which were decent, but not great). While they chatted, a golden droid walked in and interrupted the meal to tell Lando that a Captain Attichitcuk-son needed a shipment reviewed before he could leave. Lando told the droid he’d have to wait, that he was dining with Imperial dignitaries, and the droid wandered off.

As the dinner progressed, Odds & Lando formed a special friendship as they got drunk together. Moss saw what looked like 3PO and a wookie sneaking through a doorway down the hall, and followed. Eventually the rest of the party, minus Odds (who stayed to drink w/ Lando), followed.

The party followed Chewie & C-3PO through an industrial area (smelting, refining, that sort of stuff), past many workers who looked like they’d been paid to keep their heads down. Then, as they hid & planned what to do while watching Chewie & 3PO struggle with a door, one of the workers snuck up behind Fenn & put a blaster to his head, saying “Let’s talk about your number one priority, shall we?”

After some (mostly) staged combat in which Fenn & crew “captured” Han, Chewie, & 3PO, they took the rebels back to their ship, where they fessed up about not really being Imperial shills, and about wanting to help the Rebellion if possible.

They staged a fake explosive escape in which Solo, Chewie, 3PO, and Motoko escaped, while the Rodian prisoner was killed (the party actually killed her ahead of time & left her body to make it look like she was killed in the fight). Then they sent a report about their near capture of Solo, and flew off on their continued mission to investigate the radio silence from Colony LV-426.

The game ended with the group coming out of hyperspace near the coordinates for Colony LV-426. There were strange metal debris pieces floating around the area, each shaped like a kind of pyramid. As the Arkanis entered the region, though, the “debris” activated as about 50 very small starfighters and started moving towards the Arkanis to attack.


drakowulf joelastowski

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