Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 13: What We Said...

Game Date: May 15, 2014
XP: None

Continuing their adventures at Zebulon Chesterfield III’s estate in the Pii System, the party began split-up. Odds and Suul, the party’s new Weequay ally, disposed of the body of poor Meff Trelio. Meanwhile, Fenn & the others went with the hired security to interrogate the captured Rodian assassin.

IG-74 served as a translator, since the assassin only spoke in Rodian. They determined that she was seeking retaliation for her children & family, all of whom had been killed in the recent orbital bombardments of Rodia. They also found out that her brother, Greedo, had been killed by Han Solo, so she was NOT a fan of his, nor did she know where he was (if she did, she would have gone to kill him, instead).

In addition, she let slip that the original attack on the Governor (back in our first game) was NOT the cause of the orbital bombardment, but rather an excuse. She claimed the star destroyers were in the skies above Rodia less than an hour after the attack, meaning they’d been on their way for some time already, and the strike had been already planned. This was not translated for the private security folks, but Fenn & the others bluffed their way into taking the Rodian prisoner so they could find out more.

Zebulon Chesterfield III himself pulled the group aside to discuss a lost mining colony he’d sent to the far reaches of space. He hadn’t have contact with them in several months, but did not want to make any official issue of it, because the reported minerals in the area in question were vast and untapped, and the region was nearby to a planet called Bakura, which had a very large mining company that would happily take advantage of that knowledge and “steal” the ore, if they knew of its existence. Chesterfield asked if the party might be interested in a discrete side mission to Colony LV-426, and they said they’d consider it.

Fenn & Moss were invited to speak to the Governor after the interrogation finished, and he employed a bit of classified Imperial Tech to silence all electronic recording/communication devices so that he could privately ask Fenn what really happened in the Yavin Sector. While Fenn mentioned nothing about Vader’s death, he did share most of the other info… Tremayne’s prominent role, the many destroyed Imperial ships, reports of captured rebel survivors, etc.

The Governor shared with Fenn that there was potential for a change in leadership of the Empire, that certain forces were not happy with the quasi-religious nonsense that people like the Emperor, Lord Vader, and Inquisitor Tremayne had been using as guiding principals. Also, the racist, pro-human agenda was not sustainable. While he gave no timeline as to when these changes might occur, he assured Fenn that they would be swift when they did, and that this was the reason the Governor was doing all he could to make Fenn a celebrity, so that when the change happened, Fenn would be positioned to take a leadership role among the Bothans. The Governor said that he had been told that Bothan artwork indicated that they would likely follow a strong leader like Fenn if such galactic upheaval were to occur. The silencing device then ran out of juice, and the conversation ended.

As the party got back together, Moss did some slicing to track the booking of the Rodian assassin dancers. It turned out their agency had been destroyed in the orbital bombardment of Rodia, but that their prior engagements had included shows in Bespin for the administrator there, Lando Calrissian. Calrissian’s endorsement of the group had been what had prompted Chesterfield’s entertainment manager to book the group.

The party decided to undertake Chesterfield’s mission, stopping off at Bespin to purchase a wide range of goods at the various shops near there. While on Bespin, they arranged to have a sit-down conversation with Administrator Calrissian. He cleared up the Rodian dancer confusion, describing the troupe he saw as being very different from the one that attacked the party. It was decided that the assassins probably killed/replaced the original troupe.

The game ended mid-conversation with Lando.


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