Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 19: A Long Trip Through Space

XP Gained: 5

NOTE: Brian/Moss was not there for game this night. He was “with the ship” once we landed.
Game Date: Thurs, July 3, 2014

[still working on this]
We began on the ship. The party had just exited Ssi-Ruuvi controlled space around LV-426, with none of the triangular droid ships firing on them once word got out that they had a Ssi-Ruu, Shwer-Chi, aboard their ship. As the party headed back towards known space, they had some chance to talk with Shwer-Chi, with the six surviving miners, and with one another.

With Moss not being present, exploration of BURKE’S DATA, which the party downloaded from the LV-426 computers before leaving, was put off until the slicer could be present to look at it.

Suul noticed that one of the miners, Elsa Frost, was staying as far away from IG-74 as she could. Some interactions revealed that she is from Bakura, and that the whole planet has a massive hatred/fear of droids, due to a very deadly droid uprising almost 100 years ago. She then explained that there were strict laws about software failsafes required to be installed on droids that went planetside.

Odds was the first to try to engage Shwer-Chi in conversation, and they got to talking about religion. The Ssi-Ruuvi religion involves a story of gods creating magical eggs which grew the Ssi-Ruuk master race, the P’Weck servant race, one that spawned all other lesser races of the universe, and one that never hatched, symbolizing the afterlife. It is for this reason that a planet needs to be consecrated by religious ritual to create a symbolic fourth egg shrine that will allow Ssi-Ruuk who die nearby to pass to the afterlife. If Ssi-Ruuk die in deep space or on a non-consecrated planet, they fear they will forever be lost to the afterlife.

Shwer-Chi then


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