Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 21: The Final Countdown

"Ba na na na, Ba na nuh nuh nuh... BA NA NA NA, Ba na NUH NUH NUH."

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 105

NOTE: Brian/Moss was not present, nor was Jay/Suul. Brian may be taking a several week hiatus to deal with family health issues.
Game date: Thursday, July 17, 2014
In-Game Date: the day before (the banned holiday of ) Republic Day, also the day before the mysterious droid countdown would end.

We began with the party all over the place. Odds & IG-74 were riding speeders back from Sebastian’s mountaintop home, having just got side cars installed. Javert was casually hunting Anna Frost, who was taking the family minivan to the local super-mart to get food for a barbecue she still thought was happening. And Fenn was mid-conversation with Elsa Frost and her parents, Wes & Aryndelle, all of whom he’d drugged with the truth-evoking, slumber-causing Ava Bush drug.

We started off with Odds & IG, who began racing down the mountain on their two new awesome speeders.
Despite IG throwing the claw of the unknown Ssi-Ruuk species at Odds, the Lepi still managed to pull out the win and reach the spaceship lot where their ship is being worked on. Hearing the roar of the speeder engines, Elsa Frost (who so far, it had seemed, had not told her parents ANYTHING about the Ssi-Ruuk or LG-426) blurted out “Hey, that was almost as loud as the roaring of those giant space lizards!” The ava-bush cuts both ways, it seems. Fenn was able to rush the family out of the ship before they could ask questions, though, saying that he’d send Anna home with money to reimburse them for the barbecue that no one would be able to attend. Then he had Odds & IG drive them both home on the speeders. Along the way, Mr. Frost conversed with Odds about which manure was best for growing carrots, while Mrs. Frost was delightfully unaware that IG was not listening to her and plotting ways to make her death look accidental.

Speaking of “accidental” deaths, while Anna was in the store, Javert jet-packed down & disabled the hover-van so that it would break down in a relatively secluded area nearby. When it did, she called her fiance (Taylor Mali) at the school to get some help, but Javert flew down, pulled her out of the vehicle, and brought her up behind a ridge in the woods. He questioned her about the Ssi-Ruuk (without letting her see his face), but she knew nothing, and soon was incoherent with sobs of terror. Her hands vaguely fumbled for keys, likely because she’d read something about putting keys between your fingers for self-defense, but Javert broke her wrist. Then he stunned her with his blaster, leaving her unconscious body in the woods. HOWEVER, he then heard movement in the nearby bushes, and saw a bear (or Bakura’s equivalent) rummaging for food. Javert stuck a food stick in Anna’s mouth and decided to let nature take its course. (NOTE: Next game, there will be a slight rules thing we’ll do related to this.) Javert then jet-packed back to the ship.

Back at the ship, Shwer-Chi asked for food, as he had not eaten in several days. He said he ate live meat, and did not want to eat anyone on-board. Odds went off hunting into a wooded area, eventually finding a broken-down minivan with an open door. A raccoon was rummaging through the many foodstuffs in the minivan, and Odds managed to stun it and bring it home. He also looked along the road for the claw that IG had thrown at him, but did not find it. As Odds got on his speeder & headed back to the ship with the raccoon, in the distance Anna’s bloodied hand reached up to try and signal for help, but she failed to gain his attention, and bear munching noises were heard.

Worrying that things were getting out of hand too quickly, Fenn paid Eldon Tyrell extra money to have his men work through the night & get the Arkanis repaired earlier than originally estimated.

The meeting with the Bakura Mining Corp board members was to happen at 5 PM at the Imperial garrison. Fenn had Moss do some poking on the board members, but since they are not a public company, available info was limited. He did get information on a Jubal Early, who was to be the Board leader who would be lead in this discussion. He learned that Early had been appointed lead on several other deals involving pirates and other armed businessmen. Fenn chatted briefly with his friend, Imperial Commander Thanas, before going into the meeting.

In the meeting, the all-human board was quiet, sending their thoughts via text to Jubal, who did all the talking. Jubal said that weapons were not necessary, as none of them were armed, Fenn offered him information from Zebulon’s people about an impossible planet of unimaginable wealth. Though there were some technical issues (the Bakuran software was much slower/older than what Fenn was running on his datapad), the basic information was conveyed. Early was more than a little skeptical. Fenn then pushed, saying that he hadn’t told the Empire about this yet, even, but while he did, he handed his pistol to IG (who should not have been able to hold it, given the mandatory anti-weapon software on all Bakuran droids). Early responded with a polite but firm refusal to do business with Fenn, also mentioning that, as a company on a world recently acquired by the Empire, he’d be required to report on any major off-world business venture like this one to the Imperial regulators. Fenn did not take the bait, but the counter-threat was clear.

The party left the facility first, hanging out in the parking lot long enough to see what looked like Boardmember Early laughing with Cmdr. Thanas, before getting into his hover-limo. Javert managed to tag the limo with a tracker, and after the board members had driven away, Fenn & Odds went back to the ship while Javert & IG took the other speeder to track down Early’s vehicle. They caught up to him in an industrial area with few witnesses, and IG blasted the driver, causing the car to crash and fling the driver through the windshield. Getting off the bike, the two headed to the car. While Javert looked for anything of value in the vehicle, IG-74 pulled open the back door to hear laughter coming from Jubal Early. He pulled Early out by the throat, noting that he was at least 4 times heavier than a human his size should be. The laughter track switched over when IG grabbed Early, instead repeating “This is why you shouldn’t trust droids! This is why you shouldn’t trust droids!” as a beeping in Early’s chest turned out to be a thermal detonator.

The blast drew a lot of attention, though thankfully didn’t fully kill either party member. Javert & IG fled on their somewhat blast-scarred speeder to return to the ship.

Back at the ship, Mr. Tyrell’s 8 yr old daughter, Meera, was having dinner with him & the guys before they got back to work. She had a datapad that was supposedly linked to Coruscant time, and told her father “Happy Republic Day, Daddy!” as the time on Coruscant officially switched over to the new day (remember that Bakuran schools all had very old equipment that hadn’t yet been updated with Imperial education materials). After she said this, Moss got up to speak to Fenn, but the pilot droid ROGER stood up behind him, called out “LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!”, and shot Moss in the shoulder.

And that’s where we ended the session.


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