Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 22: Quieting the Riot

"What're you going to do about it, Tin-Arm?"

XP Gained: 5
Total XP: 110

Note: Brian/Moss was not here for this game, and will likely be out for at least a month. Tyler agreed to fill-in on a part-time basis as a mechanic who’s decent with computers until Brian gets back. Tyler’s new character, Kryotech, made his debut in this game.

In-Game Date: (the date formerly known as) Republic Day
Location: Bakura, capital city

We began in a bar, the Tasty Contaminant, where Kryotech (Tyler’s new character) was drinking away his sorrows after losing his repairman contract with the Bakura Mining Company. He heard the sounds of rioting outside, and went out to discover a crowd of 15 or so humans carrying a distraught protocol droid (with a violin bow for a hand), hitting it with pipes and branches and whatnot, chanting things about “Death to Droids” and similar hateful things. The droid kept calling for help for Master Sebastian and saying that it “Must find IG-74”. Remembering that he used to know a droid named IG-74, Kryo decided to act. Using a clever lie (“There’s free beer in the bar over there… for Republic Day!”), Kryo diverted the mob, saving the (now one-legged) droid and half-carrying him to the shipyard where IG-74 was supposed to be staying.

Aboard the ship, after the repurposed battle droid Roger had just shot Moss in the shoulder, Moss was going into some sort of cardiac event. Suul took off Roger’s arm (“disarming” him) while IG stunned him into next week. Then Kryo showed up with the violin droid, who told the story of JF Sebastian being hurt, and maybe all his droids (violin included) being the ones who did it. As Moss was convulsing on the floor (turns out the blast to his shoulder actually hit his heart), Odds took him on one speeder up to Sebastian’s (where they’d seen a Bacta tank), while IG took Kryo in the other speeder to the same place. During the ride up, Odds was distracted by a large number of unlucky (as Lepi define them) things that seemed to be happening, which was compounded by further “unlucky” occurrences in Sebastian’s home.

Inside, J.F. Sebastian was indeed hurt, though not as badly as Moss. Sebastian appeared to have been shot by several hastily-constructed stun blasters with low power (he didn’t have any high-functioning blaster parts lying around). Kryo worked on getting the Bacta tank up & running (& changing the settings so that it wouldn’t kill a Bothan). When all was said & done, it looked like it’d take several days to get Moss better, as near as Kryo could tell.

Meanwhile, a camera at the bottom of the mountain showed a mob of armed & angry civilians marching up to confront Sebastian, a known droid sympathizer, as the news broadcast not only stories of droid attacks due to the Republic Day virus, but also the car explosion caused by the party last game.

… [still working on this]

The party agreed to meet Zebulon Chesterfield III back in the Arkanis Sector on the planet Siskeen.


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