Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 23: Home is Where the Empire Is

XP Earned: 5

The party was on their way back to the Arkanis Sector, where they were meeting on the planet Siskeen with the wealthy Zebulon Chesterfield III. They still had the Ssi-Ruuk Shwer-Chi with them, even though he had requested to be brought to the coordinates he’d been dreaming of (which corresponded to Dagobah). Meanwhile, anti-droid sentiment was at a high, after a mysterious bug caused many droids across the galaxy to attack “biologics” while declaring “Long Live the Republic!”.

The party landed at a snowy base some miles away from the cliff-top resort of Zebulon Chesterfield. They received a specific request from Chesterfield that they bring IG-74 with them, as he had a “friend” who was interested in doing business related to the droid. They were also joined by two shorter cloaked figures who were also travelling to Zebulon’s estate with a message from the Emperor for Chesterfield. Not wanting to leave him on the ship, Odds/Chris convinced/tricked Shwer-Chi into an enclosed room inside their travel vehicle (a slow-moving tank/snow-tread thing), which they locked. After a long & arduous journey (full of casual conversation from [insert name], the native guide who was driving the vessel, the party saw the looming cliffs of Zebulon’s estate, and met with the Inuit-like peoples he’d hired to work for him there. They explained that there was an elevator, but the “real men” of their tribe climbed the cliffs. A moment later, the two cloaked figures were climbing the cliffs with more ease than seemed right.

Most of the party took the elevator up (a slow-moving freight elevator that moved their whole tank-vehicle), though IG/Elrych & Javert/Jean used a combination of climbing & jetpacks to go up the side of the cliff.

Inside the estate, the party walked into a warm room with a hot springs pool. Zebulon was in the tub with two twilek “associates”, and a figure in Mandalorian battle armor was there with him… BOBA FETT! (Boba Fett?)

Fett was actually interested in either purchasing IG or working some kind of information trade to get technical specs from IG, because he wanted to hunt & cash-in on the recent Imperial bounty placed on IG-88, whose model specs were very close to IG-74’s.

As Fenn & Fett negotiated, they settled on a trade of information. Fett told Fenn that Han Solo (Fenn’s supposed “Number One Priority”) was on his way to Kashyyyk, and Fenn let Fett take a copy of the tech specs for IG-74. The two hooded emissaries came in, revealing themselves to be gray-skinned beings known as Noghri, who had been serving the Emperor directly, but had recently been sent away to serve Chesterfield instead.

As Javert came in from the cold, the two Noghri both suddenly turned to him, saying “That one smells like the false lord Vader!”

We ended on that lovely little cliffhanger.


drakowulf joelastowski

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