Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 24: Olfactory Slips

"You smell like the imposter Lord Vader!"

XP Earned: 5

[still working on this summary]
We began with most of the party in a tense situation in the icy north of the planet Siskeen. Zebulon, with his twilek “assistants”, was sitting in a hot tub in his glacial cliff-side mansion, while Boba Fett stood behind him in his cliff-top mansion in the icey north of the planet Siskeen. Fenn & Suul were speaking with Zebulon, and Javert & IG-74 had just been brought in by private security forces. The two short, hooded individuals had just been revealed to be a “gift” from the Emperor, members of an obscure race that had served at Palpatine’s side until recently (out of game, we know that they’re Noghri, some of the Emperor’s best assassins). As Javert was entering from outside, though, the air blew his scent to the Noghri, who immediately recognized it as smelling like the clone the party knows to be impersonating the dead Lord Vader right now.

Nogri are dismissed

Fett trades info about Han on Kashyyyk for specs on IG-74 (so he can hunt IG-88)

Schwer-Chi force-communicates with them, convincing them to let him out

Chaos as they escape & party chases, but does not catch the trio.


drakowulf joelastowski

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