Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 25: The Last Time I Saw You...

He's not an assassin, he's a murder machine

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 125

NOTE: Jean/Javert was out sick for this session. He “stayed on the ship”.

We began with the party about to dock the Arkanis at the Phoenix’s Nest… the comet-bound home/ship-repair dock of Andes Rikehead. However, they saw that another ship was also docked there… a YT-2400 that IG-74 recognized: the ship of the man who had killed his master! A quick scan of its identification tag labeled it “The Payday” with a listed captain of Darvill Shambo.

[Still working on this]


IG-74 past revelations

Fenn interacts with Bothan spy/smuggler Sheba

Installing fake ship ID tag device.

Off to Geonosis!


drakowulf joelastowski

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