Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 26: Quit Bugging Me

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 130

Note: Jay/Suul was not present for the game. He was “there-but-in-the-background” for this session.

We begin with the party above Geonosis. They have a new transponder spoofer from Andes Rikehead, who also fixed their ship up, which they will eventually be able to use to make their ship appear to be a different ship to sensors. But first they need a different transponder from a previously existing ship to put into their new spoofer. Andes told them that there were a lot of crashed ships on Geonosis, and that a guy he knew named Blip might be able to help them find one.

The party did some above-planet scanning, and talked with the Imperials in charge of things. Turns out that there were 3 main Imperial bases on planet, one work camp, and a non-imperial shanty-town called Tumbleweed Rocks". Once they landed at Alpha Base, they met up with Imperial Administrator (“Captain”) Arcturus Mengsk. He gave them the run-down about the frequent rebellions the native Geonosians would launch, and the reason they didn’t have a lot of atmospheric aerial vehicles on planet (they can fly, and they make repairing & replacing those craft too expensive). They also met Mengsk’s son, Valerian, who is a General at the base, and Sgt James Raynor, a no-nonsense soldier & head of ground offensives against Geonosian resistance.

IG-74 made an off-handed combat about wanting to fire off some weapons, and suddenly found that Raynor had recruited him to take out a hive of resistance fighters in the desert. IG was… not sure how to feel about this.

There was also a brief thing where a mouse droid suddenly flashed a code in binary telling IG-74 to “go to the mountains”.

The party next flew to the Imperial “Blacksoul” Work Camp, which was nearest to the town of Tumbleweed Rocks, where they were likely to get their transponder part. Here they met General Alexei Stukov, a human who was very strict in his control of his “war criminal” population at the work camp, using some kind of electro-shock collars on all the prisoners/slaves to keep them in line. They also met Lt. Sarah Kerrigan, an Imperial sniper who was scheduled to take some elite soldiers in a “back door” to the resistance cave while IG created his bug-killing distraction up front. They learned that she was going to get into place, and that she’d signal the party when they were ready (but no later than this evening).

The party spent the rest of the day negotiating with the 3 crime lords who run Tumbleweed Rocks about who could get them the part faster/cheaper. Odds met with Garuda, the female Toydarian leader of the Orange Star gang. He also met with Blip, the Geonosian junk dealer friend of Andes, who said he could get them the part if they’d come to him to the crash fields to get it, but warned Odds not to trust Garuda. IG met with Hanzo, the male Human leader of the Yellow Comet gang, who could get the part but at a very high price. IG did some more poking around the slums in Yellow Comet’s district, finding a language chip for Geonosian and having a Geonosian briefly look at him blankly and tell him, in Geonosian, “do NOT go to the mountains”. Javert met with Mileena, the female Twilek leader of the Blue Moon gang, which employed mostly ex-storm troopers. She ended up being the one who’d be able to get a part for the quickest, though it’d still take a little while, and she gave no price, instead saying “Make me an offer.”

As the party gathered back together at the ship (where Fenn had been holo-transmitting his negotiations to holo-projectors each of his 3 emmisaries had), the party received a distress call from Kerrigant…
“The bugs… it’s like they knew we were coming… they’ve gotten most of my men… came up underneath us… I’ve got to see if I can save some of them. Please come as soon as possible for extraction. You’re the only ship that can get to us in time.”


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