Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep 27: Hurry Up and Avoid Plot

XP Gained: 0 (we really didn’t DO much of anything)
Total XP: 130 (plus the 25 from Mike before I stared GMing)

We began by spending about half an hour discussing character sheets, XP expenditure, and who might take what skills or additional trees based on Brian/Moss’s likely extended absence.

The actual game began with Fenn & Suul getting a distress call from Kerrigan, who had been overrun by Geonosian “bugs”. Fenn promptly turned it off and instructed Suul to pay it no mind (which prompted him to take a swig from his Sith flask… uncconsciously, of course).

This left the party to spend the whole game dealing with debates about who to get the Transponder Imprint from. Fenn wanted to buy from all 3 crime lords, plus Blip, to put him in all their good graces. Javert thought this was a foolish idea, since none of these so-called “crime lords” even had a presence outside of the city of Tumbleweed Rocks, let alone off-planet. After over an hour of debate, Javert’s logic won out, and they decided to go to Blip.

Odds took IG with him to meet the Geonosian, who spoke briefly about his Mother/Boss, and got his CVY-1979 hover-platform/pickup truck to go get the part. He went with the two back to the Arkanis, where there was more discussion, before finally Odds, IG, and Javert went out to the crash fields with Blip & his translator droid, KZ-12. The group first stopped at a site where Blip said he always paid respect to a great fallen warrior… a simple stone headstone with the initials “J.F.” on it (out of game, this was Jango Fett’s gravestone). Then everyone split up to try & find the part.

During their searches, Javert found a Republic Data Core from a ship that bore symbols of the Jedi Council and looked like it had been used to transport nobility, and he took it with him. IG found a working (though unpowered) turbolaser buried beneath half a capital ship, though he could not retrieve it. And Odds learned that KZ-12 remembered the battles on Geonosis, remembered many Geonosians being made into slaves to build a “Star of Eternal Death”, and also thought that if Odds put his ears down, he might look like a Togruta he’d once known.

Eventually a ship with a likely undamaged part was found, though it was on the precipice of a recently formed sinkhole. This turned out to be very near where Kerrigan’s transmission had come from, and at the bottom of the 50-60 foot drop they could see some buried bits of storm troopers suits and the troop transport Kerrigan had been using.

Everyone got called to this spot, including Fenn & Suul, with the ship. The party set up a bunch of tethers to other junk in the region, then also floated the Arkanis above this crashed ship, with more tethers to hold it in place. IG went into the ship with Blip & KZ-12, while everyone else was either on the Arkanis or next to the hole, monitoring stuff.

Inside the ship, IG + KZ-12 worked to remove the undamaged Transponder imprint, while Blip worked to “get the lights on or see if the ship had any other power left.” In reality, though, Blip’s eyes had gone completely blank, and “Blip” was activating the maneuvering thrusters to fire automatically, pushing the ship to fall into the hole. IG managed to scramble up to an escape pod, but by the time he fired it, the pod shot down a corridor in the underground tunnel complex at the bottom of the hole. The rest of the party looked down to see their purpose for being on-planet fall just out of their reach.

And that’s where we ended the night.


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