Heroes of a Distant Star

XP Earned: 5
Total XP: 275 plus 25 from Mike before Joe took over = 300
Game Date: 7/9/2015

NOTE: Game held at Modern Myths

We left off with our party facing off against a Dark Trooper on-board their ship, and another behind the ship.

While IG manned the rear guns to take out the 2nd trooper, the one on the ship started a brief firefight with the crew, before they were able to calm things down and make it clear that they were not “in league” with the IG threat.

As the Denial of Service lifted off, Fenn was able to convince the nearby TIE fighters to hold off further attacks while he handled the threat from inside the ship. As the trooper’s helmet pulled back (in that cool Stargate kind of way), though, the party saw that it looked like a grisled Hayden Christiansen. The two Noghri on board immediately knelt before the trooper, whom they referred to as “Lord” (turns out he smelled EXACTLY like Vader).

After some confusion about who was going where and what systems were compromised, URL was able to give a fake ship diagnostic on a datapad, so that the trooper could hunt IG in the ship, activating & deactivating systems section-by-section.

Meanwhile, the party got in touch with IG secretly and had him jettison an escape pod (one of the two URL has on the ship). The party wasted no time in blowing the escape pod out of the sky, which convinced the Dark Trooper that the IG threat had been handled.

He asked the party to return him to the Arc Hammer in orbit above the planet, and that is pretty much where we can pick up next game, either at the Arc Hammer (if you want to talk to the captain or the trooper) or else just after leaving it.


drakowulf joelastowski

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