Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep5: Great... now it's ON FIRE!

Game Date: Friday, March 21, 2014
XP GAINED: 10 (covering the entirety of the Kowak journey)
NOTE: Jay/Meff was not present for this game. We said he was back at the Imperial base with the Not-Krayt-Fang

When last we left our heroes… some of them were in the middle of an open field on foot, facing off against a radioactive rancor (who’s on fire) that they’d just made very angry. Meanwhile, in the sky, two non-pilots were struggling to bring the (weaponless) Imperial Stout around to rescue their companions before they become rancor food.

On-foot: Javert/Jean, IG-74/Elrych, Moss/Bryan, Kar-Ma/NPC, N’Dreemo/NPC, Malakili/NPC, Baby Rancor/NPC
In-ship: Fenn/Mike, Doc Croaker/Chris

As the after-burner-blasted, radioactive, on-fire rancor started to move towards the party (and the baby rancor cries coming from Malakili’s new friend). The barabel Kar-Ma pulled a long length of rope from the one semi-working winch on the crashed ship, in the hopes of tripping/entangling the rancor. Moss helped the Trandoshan N’Dreemo build a make-shift repulsorlift sled (like a Segway) to help Malakili & the baby move faster. Malakili tried not to cry while comforting his new baby rancor, who clung to him sleepily, occasionally crying out.

Meanwhile, IG-74 and Javert kept firing at the rancor. Some well-placed shots (by the time we were done, the rancor had suffered 6 critical hits!) kept the rancor from doing too much, though Meff & the Doctor were too busy racing back to the party in the ship to notice the readings on the sensors. The doctor threw down cargo lines that the party started to attach to themselves to be raised up to the ship. However, the rancor was still quite a threat, having taken off much of Moss’s back in a casual claw-swipe moments earlier.

Suddenly, a group of rebel starfighters showed up… 3 X-wings & 2 of the newer A-wing models. Meff tried to negotiate with their captain, Capt. Narra, but didn’t make a lot of headway in explaining that they couldn’t surrender because they had a rancor to deal with. Narra’s wingman, an X-wing pilot named Wedge Antilles, told the captain he could hit the rancor, and Narra left things up to Wedge’s skill: if Wedge hit the beast, they’d take the party prisoner. If he couldn’t, they’d shoot the party down and let the rancor feast on the remains.

Wedge’s shot was near-perfect. Unfortunately, it wasn’t completely perfect. The force of the proton torpedoes knocked a fin of the Stout, rocking the ship and dropping Dr. Croaker out. Falling to his death as the torpedoes hit the rancor below him, the good doctor cranked up his spice filter in his mask, dying in a chemical high that might have killed him on its own anyway. He fell into the open mouth of the rancor as they both perished.

Unsure about these rebels, Meff lied and said his crew was all in the ship, even though Javert and the barabel Kar-Ma were still on the ground, hiding in the woods. The Stout was escorted to the rebel base “Waterhole” on the other side of the planet, and the two stragglers started walking back to the Imperial science facility.

After not too long, Javert prepared to slit Kar-Ma’s throat, only he couldn’t quite get close enough. Then he decided to use a blaster, but a limping Monkey-Lizard appeared in front of Kar-Ma, calling out weakly and drawing his attention. Javert took the opportunity to blast Kar-Ma in the back, and the forest erupted in laughter as all the watching Monkey-Lizards got their prank wishes fulfilled. The formerly limping one then ran off into the forest unhurt. The rest of Javert’s journey back, he would occasionally see Monkey-Lizards acting out his assassination in the branches, having a hilarious time with it. Javert returned to the Imperial base as night was falling, and told Liet. Muldoon that rebel ships had taken the others, though he escaped. Muldoon said he’d send out word right away, and brought Javert into the base.

Back at Waterhole Base, the party met briefly with Antavis Degaul, the former head engineer of Incom’s Starship Design team, and someone known by many as the “mother of the X-Wing”. Turns out that since she & the other designers went into hiding to avoid the Imperial buyout of Incom, she had become a Rebel operative. Meff asked that only he & Moss be allowed to speak with her, and she sent some guards to take IG-74, N’Dreemo, and Malakili+baby to another room. Malakili managed to stop crying over the loss of the doctor long enough to keep the baby rancor comfortable.

Meff & Moss shared their information about the Satellite 5 footage, as well as their current position playing Imperial roles to get more info for the Rebellion. Degaul explained that most Rebel bases were not used for more than a year at a time, so that Waterhole base would be getting evacuated soon so they could move to a base in the Yavin system. She did ask that the party take with them a drifter they’d happened to find in some space salvage, though: Odds Tocken (Chris’ new character).

Wedge came in, having searched the Stout, to show that there were Imperial trackers on the ship, attached to the hyperdrive unit & designed to send astrogation coordinates out just before any jumps they made. The party took this information under advisement. Meff explained that he’d “give up” the information about the rebel base on Kowak after they’d had a chance to depart, and Degaul asked that he specifically give the Empire the encryption code they’d been using, so that they could send out false messages they knew the Empire would receive in the future.

Meanwhile, in the other room, which was sort of a supply room, the rabbit-like Lepi Odds made the acquaintance of IG-74, who tried the brooding/gun-cleaning thing. A droid stylized to look more human-like came over to talk to IG-74, and introduced herself as Motoko. She started asking IG-74 about his feelings, but all he could come up with were “anger” and “murderousness”. She told him that he’d have to learn to transcend his programming if he ever wanted to attain full sentience and join the Droid Rights Movement. IG-74 mostly ignored her, then tried to “accidentally” fire his weapon at N’Dreemo, whom he missed. The two guards in the room drew on IG-74, and when one of them reached to take his weapon, he smacked the guard’s hand away, causing the other one to shoot him.

This scuffle was broken up by the arrival of Meff, Moss, & Degaul, who had finished their discussion, but it was determined that a restraining bolt would be added to the droid. N’Dreemo decided to stay behind with the Rebels instead of going ANYWHERE with the “crazy droid”, and Odds joined the party, agreeing to apply his piloting skills where necessary.

The session ended with the Stout headed back to the Imperial science facility.


Must go faster…LOL, I love the Jurassic Park references.

Ep5: Great... now it's ON FIRE!
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