Heroes of a Distant Star

Ep7: Piracy is a Crime

Game Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014

NOTE: Javert/Jean was not present for this game

When Last We Left Our Heroes… They had successfully completed their transaction with Jabba, and were seeking the ship engineer Andes Rikehead to cash-in Jabba’s marker and get their ships upgraded.

Along the way to Rikehead’s moving on-an-unknown-comet base, which he called the Phoenix Nest, the party received a beacon message from Andes, saying that radiation leakage meant that no one could come to visit him. However, there was banging from the air vents in the background… and the party eventually figured out that it was in the binary language of moisture vaporators – saying that pirates had attacked!

The party had some madcap adventures dealing with air vent transport droids, fighting Gamorian and human pirates, and eventually activating a glitchy assassin droid to stop the pirates. And while their wookie slicer, URL, managed to escape in their ship, the Torrent, Capt. Napster and most of his crew were killed while Rikehead survived, so the party marked this one as a win.

We ended with the party meeting with Rikehead, who was about to give them a tour of his facility.


drakowulf joelastowski

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