Species - Ssi-Ruuk

A strange race of space velociraptors from beyond the edge of Wild Space outside the known galaxy, the party encountered members of this species on the planetoid LV-426 while on an [[Ep 16: Wasteland Trek | investigation mission]] for Zebulon Chesterfield III. This species is completely unknown to Imperial (or Old Republic) records. The party has all of the known information about them.

- highly-developed sense of smell overcomes relatively poor eyesight
- super fast, with very sharp claws (though they can still use tools & blaster weapons)
- Adults stand about 2m tall (just over wookie height), though they can crouch to 1m-ish height
- scales absorb a lot of energy weapon damage, though solid weapons affect them normally
- religious beliefs make them scared to die on an “unconsecrated” world, for fear their soul will be lost
- broken up into castes based on scale color
-YELLOW: Priests/leaders
-RED: Generals/warriors

-GREEN: ?something else
-—Other colors?
- slave race of smaller velociraptors called P’wecks, who are less than 1m tall (and whose souls/personhood are not recognized by the Ssi-Ruuk
- the Ssi-Ruuvi ion beam weapons do stunning damage to both organics and droids. They do not kill their foes in most circumstances, because they prefer to Entech them (see below)
- they utilize very few droids, the only ones you’ve seen being vaguely similar to an R2 unit, but used as mostly more static security implements.

ENTECHMENT: The Ssi-Ruuk have a process of draining life energy into batteries known as Entechment. This effectively kills the subject, but his consciousness may remain (in agony) within the battery until it depletes. Upon landing on LV-426, the Ssi-Ruuk learned that humanoid life energy provides a much stronger and longer-lasting charge than P’weck life energy.

So far you have only seen 2 types of shipes…
Capital ships, which are large and roundish, and fire turbolasers

and the very small (2m/side) triangular space-droid starfighters (each of which is powered by an enteched soul).

- Schwer-Chi, priest class, pariah who joined the party. Likely Force-sensitive in some way. Took a stand against Entechment, because he believed the souls were still suffering (which contradicted the “official” party line about the process.
- Siir-Han, general, defeated by Suul in a duel, though he still has a blaster pistol trophy from Fenn. A bit of a hot-head.
- Lu Bu, general, largest of the three red Ssi-Ruuk you’ve met, he’s not very talkative, but is known as a fierce warrior.
- Guan Yu, general, had a somewhat extended conversation (as much as was possible, given the language/translator barrier) with Suul & Odds. Eventually believed Suul had given him permission to hunt Odds, and was last seen knocking Odds’ speeder bike out of the air & tumbling with it into the orchard/forest on LV-426. An intelligent foe, though not one to take insult lightly.
- Shur-Tlik, priest, Schwer-Chi’s brother. Though you didn’t meet him, he was engaged in a ritual to consecrate LV-426 as a world owned by the Ssi-Ruuvi gods. He banished Schwer-Chi for his anti-Entechment stance, as well as other strange “weirdness” around his brother.

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Species - Ssi-Ruuk

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